Sony Joins The Ultrabook Club: VAIO T Series Coming In June

The Ultrabook race is far from over, and it's obvious that Intel is going to be pushing the monicker for the foreseeable future. Tons of companies have stretched the mere meaning of the term, but there has been one major absence in the field: Sony. To date, Sony has somehow dodged the temptation to jump into the lucrative Ultrabook market, but that's changing soon. The company has issued their first Ultrabook, the VAIO T Series. It's a 13" machine with an LED display, an optional SSD, up to 9 hours of battery life and an exterior made from magnesium and aluminum.

The company's relying on Ultra Low Voltage Intel Core processors, and there's also a large, button-free touchpad that takes advantage of gestures. Other specs include HDMI, VGA and RJ45 network ports, plus an SD/MMC media slot. There's an Exmore for PC HD web camera for video chats, and the company's planning to ship it in early June. No pricing just yet, unfortunately.
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karanm 2 years ago

Network port and a media card slot, now if that 13" screen is 1600x900 like the zenbook ux31 then this would be the ultrabook to buy in my opinion. With the ssd and a reasonable price ofcourse, checked another site and found out that its gonna have a sandybridge i3 so this could be a very reasonably priced ultrabook.

TIn 2 years ago

Checkout the completed features and specifications of new Vatio T13 and Vaio T11

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