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Small Enough To Lose; Big Enough To Look For

Small Enough To Lose; Big Enough To Look For

Samsung is giving users of smartphones and other gadgets with a MicroSD HC slot something worthwhile to put in there: their tiny card with 8 Gb of capacity, or enough for 2000 MP3s, 4000 photos, or 5 DVD movies.That's as much storage as your average iPod nano, and you won't need a hammer and a soldering iron to get at it. 
“With a read speed of 16 Megabytes (MBs) per second and a write speed of 6MB/s, Samsung’s 8GB microSD card well exceeds the Speed Class 4 SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) standard which requires a data write speed of 4MB/s. This is also much faster than the SD Speed Class 2 designation carried by most competing microSD cards currently on the market”.

Given that every new smartphone from now onwards is likely to sport a MicroSD HC compatible socket, except those from Sony Ericsson which use Sony’s own M2 ‘Memory Stick’ derived format, and given that 2Gb MicroSD cards are common and cheap nowadays, the MicroSD HC format is about to take off in a big way.
The card is only about the size of your pinkie fingernail. But I can't even find the TV remote.  It's so good, it's bad.
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Those MicroSD card are awesome i got an 1g for my Razor and they are freaking awesome. expecially if you could get the SD adapter then you could just upload anything into your computer or laptop.
I can't imagine having an 8Gb

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