Skyrim Dragonborn To Launch On PSN in February, Steam February 5th

Just the mere mention of the word "Skyrim" is enough to get most avid gamers worked into a frenzy. Mention a next-gen Skyrim combined with proposed release dates, and you may need to call in security to keep the peace. Starting next month, both PC and PlayStation 3 gamers will be treating to Dragonborn, the latest Skyrim add-on. The PC edition will hit on 2/5, and it'll be available on Steam for English, French, Italian, Spanish and German gamers. As for PS3 users? It'll hit the PlayStation Network at some point next month, and reportedly, it'll be half-off during its launch week. What's it mean for you? It means that you need to come up with a few vacation days, and fast.

Via:  Bethblog
sackyhack one year ago

I'm pretty excited about this. I loved the weird architecture in Morrowind, and the Dragonborn trailers showed a lot of it. I've already racked up 170 hours in Skyrim on PC. Didn't think it was going to be that compelling to me the first time through when I beat it in about 60 hours. But all the mods and nooks and crannies keep pulling me back.

Dave_HH one year ago

Nice, it's coming to Steam soon!

realneil one year ago

This is cool.

Manduh one year ago

I just recently started playing Skyrim and my gosh it is very ADDICTIVE!! I'm not a gamer other than Sims 3 and Minecraft but now I have a new favourite!! I have a hard time not playing, (Which is why I've been AWOL for a while haha. I even have Skyrim dreams eeek. The bf started playing it first then I wanted to play and took over his disc, he ended up just buying me another copy for my xbox - (ya our living room is a console gamer's heaven with two big screen setups, PS3, Wii and 2 xbox 360s :P) We have all the skyrim DLCs which I highly recommend PS3 and PC users get them all the second they're out! Dragonborn has an excellent story line - and ride dragons. oh my!, Dawnguard's story is pretty good too but the best part (imo) is it will treat you to a new follower who is more useful and hotter than Lydia :P, and Hearthfire is fun for building a kick ass house!

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