Sapphire Announces World's First Single Slot, Low Profile Radeon HD 6670 Videocard

Well here's something you don't see very often -- a single slot, low profile Radeon HD 6670 graphics card. Actually, this is something you've never seen before, according to Sapphire, which claims there's no other HD 6670 videocard like this one anywhere in the world. If you want to take that as a challenge to hunt one down, be our guest -- we tried to find another one ourselves and came up empty.

As a refresher, the Radeon HD 6670 sports 480 Stream Processors and 24 texture processing units. Sapphire's model has 1GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 1000MHz (4000MHz effective), along with a graphics core clocked at 800MHz. In other words, it's a reference design, at least as far as speeds go, but in a low profile format with a single slot cooler. According to Sapphire, it's one of the fastest and most capable low profile graphics cards out there.

Connectivity options include a dual-link DVI port, HDMI port, and VGA port. The card comes with both standard and low profile backplates, so you can use it in your media center PC or desktop system with no fuss.

No word on price, but if we had to guess, this one will pop up on store shelves soon for around $100.
Via:  Sapphire
RTietjens 3 years ago

Now give me the same card with a fanless design, and we can talk.

omegadraco 3 years ago

Can you remove the VGA port and make it a true single slot card? HTPC anyone.

JoshBradley 11 months ago

Yes you can owned this card since it came out. Still works to this day just fine.

LLeCompte 3 years ago

It's a cool design, people stuck with slim line cases can finally game. Just might have to replace the psu?

AKwyn 3 years ago

Not only that... But they can actually play high-res videos and pack a bunch of power under the hood...

I know of one person who'd like this but unfortunately her computer has a really old motherboard that only takes APG and it's unlikely there's going to be another motherboard that's going to work with that case but it's still nice of Sapphire to do it regardless... Release all that power I mean.

EDIT: That VGA connector is removable you know. Just look on the top near the plate. BAM! The connector as seen on all other low end cards.

thunderdan602 3 years ago

Fanless would be awesome. My old XFX 7950 was fanless and had a really cool and efficient heat sink and pipes.

OptimusPrimeTime 3 years ago

[quote user="News"]If you want to take that as a challenge to hunt one down, be our guest -- we tried to find another one ourselves and came up empty[/quote]

'I was going nuts for a moment there trying to find one, but came up empty as well. This card has a very low profile, although not a true single slot card , unless like Omega ask, if the VGA output can be removed. Still, a great product with a lot of juice for movies and lower resolution gaming with very low power consumption ."

Inspector 3 years ago

The bigger the better -.- lol :P.

I would like a fanless one though :P.

"If you want to take that as a challenge to hunt one down, be our guest -- we tried to find another one ourselves and came up empty"

Guys get to work, rip the case and everything else off, still a 6670, but does it still work? :P lol

rapid1 3 years ago

Hmm fanless would be cool I guess but I imagine inside a case that fan would not make much noise really. Also as far as fanless why not just get this card or even a 6970 and liquid cool it anyway if you want fanless. It is way more efficient really especially for a smaller case because they hold heat as well as recirculate like they do heat wise.

jonation 3 years ago

but how is it on heat? how good is the single slot solution vs the standard cooler?

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