Samsung's Galaxy S II Features MHL Port: Recognizes USB And HDMI

Oh, brother! Another port to remember! As the times change, so do the ways in which we sync our devices, and Samsung's newly announced Galaxy S II has a port that has never been used on a smartphone before, and based on the specifications, we're hoping that it somehow comes to more phones in the near future. The port in question is the MHL port, which stands for Mobile High-Definition. It's a video link standard that was built by a group of companies including Nokia, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony and Silicon Image.

This is partly good news, and partly bad. One one hand, having a port that can be used as a USB or HDMI port is a real plus. But on the other, it's yet another fragment in a world of connectors that is already fragmented heavily. The MHL jack is shaped like a micro-USB port, but it has internal circuitry that can recognize HDMI and/or USB. There's a special 5-wire connector cable that would allow HDMI sockets to take advantage of the port. It's not quite as complicated as it sounds, but there's a video below that explains more regardless. Since MHL has already found a home on the Galaxy S II, we're certain that the protocol is complete, and we're hoping that it's only a matter of time before more and more phone companies decide to include this on their own devices.

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schmich 3 years ago

One thing to mention is that when you connect the phone to a TV with the HDMI port it will not charge. This might change when there are MHL certified TV's though.

rapid1 3 years ago

There are many new smart phones coming with a quickness to the market. The Galaxy S II is one of my favorites though. I know I am somewhat biased as I owned (and chose over the EVO) the Galaxy S Pro (Epic on Sprint) a few hours after it cam out. This model has an advanced display model as well as a bigger screen, more memory, better graphics etc etc. As far as it goes on the display the one on the Epic is the only one that was really comparable to an iPhone 4 screen, although it seemed to perform better otherwise to me otherwise as well that specific screen was the best one I saw on the Android side although slightly smaller than the Droid X and EVO.

The only thing I don't really like is this one it seems is GSM only, and no CDMA model has been announced from what I have heard. Although I am sure it will operate as a 3.5G device it is not an LTE device nor a Wimax device which I find kind of odd as it's last iteration debuted on Sprint, coming shortly to every carrier in one form or another.

There also seem to be another couple of these on T-Mobile as well which are somewhat less capable, plus there on T-mobile who once tried to stiff me for a $300.00 deposit I had put down when I opened an account for them, and in general there service sucked. I kept the phone for a week, and returned it then they tried to charge me an early disconnect, but I already had paid a $300.00 cash deposit, so I should have received a considerable return. I did not receive that return, and they tried to put it on my credit as an early return although I had paid that $300.00 deposit to not have a contract.

Either way much of that is not on this issue directly, this phone looks really nice, and is in fact one of my favorites of the new ones coming out. The new port is really kind of unnecessary to me as I would rather have a wireless connection to a HD TV, which of course I am equipped for with a wireless N tri-pole router. It seems to me someone that would be an early adopter type if they wanted a phone with a new port type for this would also not need it as they would already be equipped to get saved as well as active internet content to an HD TV without it.

acarzt 3 years ago

Without having watched the video....

Can it also charge the phone?

acarzt 3 years ago

I hate to be the editorial nazi today... but I found an error in the article

"This is partly good news, and partly bad. One one hand, having a port that can be used "

At least you know i'm reading these things lol

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