Samsung Series 5 Chromebook Gets Torn Down: N570 Within

Ever wondered what was deep, deep within a Chrome OS-based machine? Google's Cr-48 has been cracked open before, but what about the newest duo? Acer and Samsung announced their respective Chromebooks at Google I/O this year, and a few of the earlier ones have started to ship out. The Series 5 3G Chromebook has fallen into the hands of the folks at iFixit, which have never turned down the chance to crack open a product for the sake of doing so. And, truthfully, for the sake of uncovering the specifics underneath.

It's always interesting to take a look at what makes certain things tick, and Samsung's first Chromebook is no different. The Series 5 looks fairly easy to crack open, but there's a few major differences between the Series 5 and the original Cr-48. The latter has removable RAM, while the Series 5 has its RAM soldered onto the motherboard. The Cr-48 has a battery that's accessible by the user from the outside, while the Series 5 has a sealed battery; you'll need to remove the rear casing to access it. Furthermore, the Series 5 has an Atom N570 with dual cores, whereas the Cr-48 shipped with a single-core Atom N455.

There are plenty of swell macro shots of the teardown in the Via link below; if you're anxious to see what's inside your next netbook, have a look!
Via:  iFixit
omegadraco 3 years ago

I love teardowns and it's nice to see what is inside these machines. From the one shot in the article it looks very similar the guts of the Dell netbooks we use in my school system. Just about everything is built into the motherboard.

EHarler 3 years ago

Not much room for upgrades, but I guess that's not the point of the chromebook anyways.

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