Rumor: QX9770 Delayed

As with all rumors, please take the following news item with a grain of salt until we can receive official confirmation or denial from Intel.

It seems that AMD might have a few more months to get their high-end Phenoms ready as it's being whispered that Intel is going to hold back volume shipments of the QX9770 until the Feb-March time frame.

“The quad-core 3.2GHz QX9770, which will be available at US$1,399 in thousand-unit quantities, is to replace the Core 2 Extreme QX9650 processor launched in November 2007, the sources noted.

However, Intel is yet to phase out the 3.0GHz QX9650 despite the planned launch of the QX9770, said the sources noting that the two quad-core CPUs will be available simultaneously, although the 1k-unit price for the QX9770 will be US$400 higher than that for the QX9650.”

This could be a technical issue, but it's more likely a business issue.  After all, if you already make the fastest desktop CPU on the planet, why release a new one unless buyers all dry up for your existing flagship?  On the other hand, Intel should have learned their lesson about not taking AMD seriously by now.
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Kamrooz 6 years ago

Honestly, AMD is still in no better position. They've delayed their higher clocked phenoms for way too long. A native quad @ 65nm on SOI is just too big of a task. Intel obviously didn't go the native quad route for a reason, they're waiting for 45nm to make sure it's efficient. AMD certainly bit off more than they can chew. I predicted back in late 2007 that AMD MUST get their higher clocked phenoms out now. Their worry isn't penryn, but Nehalem. All the advantages AMD has are about to die off, IMC, HT link, everything that gave AMD the upper hand in memory bandwidth is about to die. Still no 2.6 Phenom or higher, they really need them and fast in order to pick up some profit once nehalem hits. Considering Nehalem's performance will be a jump even higher than the Netburst to Core transition, AMD better try to get as much market as they can before they are REALLY in trouble.

werty316 6 years ago
Intel might as wait for AMD to release their chips or the QX9770 would have not competition.
recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

Despite AMD not putting up much of a fight right now, I don't count them out. I'm no expert, but is it possible that AMD has something up their sleeve that we don't know about or is that just wishful thinking? I hope they regain some ground and start really competing again since it will benefit us in the end!

Kamrooz 6 years ago

Of course I want to see AMD succeed. After all, compeition in the x86 market means faster production of better products, as well as competitive prices. Unfrotunately I do think it's a bit of wishful't mean anything bad by saying that. But AMD has completely botched their processor launch, they promised massive performance gains, around 40-50% faster than clovertown. As well as energy efficiency among other things. What did we get? A product so delayed, that the performance numbers made it even worse, phenom/barcelona is worse than intels older core architecture, a 2.6 phemom still can't outdo a 2.4 q6600. Ontop of all this, there are still delays for faster clocked phenoms since AMD bit off way more than they could chew with a native quad a 65nm on a SOI process. We have low clocked Phenom's, that take way more power that resembles the prescott days in terms of heat output/power. I hope AMD comes out of this, It would definitely be a sad thing to see AMD go under, especially considering they hold the fate of ATI as well now. I doubt it will happen though, AMD won't go under no matter what, but AMD is certainly in a VERY bad position. Hopefully they haven't focused their R&D and staff in trying to fix Barcelona/Phenom, and worry more about their next architecture. Nehalem is really going to seperate this gap to a massive scale, which AMD should really be biting their nails over.

peti1212 6 years ago

In my opinion the Extreme prcessors from Intel get way overpriced all the time. AMD just isn't up for the competition yet, and it will take them a while to get better than Intel. Same thing goes with AMD/ATI and Nvidia. Long time aga ATI and AMD use to be the products that I looked at, but now I am quite dissapointed with them.

recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

[quote user="peti1212"]ATI and AMD use to be the products that I looked at, but now I am quite dissapointed with them[/quote]

I haven't owned a product from either, but aren't opposed to the idea. If I didn't already have an Ultra, I'd be drawn to the 3870 X2!

Kamrooz 6 years ago

I agree, their extreme edition processors are extremely expensive. But when AMD was at the top, they also had thousand dollar processors as well. But the key fact is, even intels low/mid budget processors are overclocking monsters. So there's no need to have to get a extreme edition in order to get a MASSIVE performance boost. But, for those crazy enthusiast ^.^...They can nab an unlocked multiplier extreme edition and OC to their hearts content.

 In terms of AMD, I stated before that their Black Edition Phenom is complete fraud...I still stand by that. What's the point of an unlocked 2.4 phenom, when they can't even go above 2.6-2.7 ghz?...This has nothing to do with the pricing issue obviously, but I just wanted to hear others thoughts on this factor as well.

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