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Ready? Fight!  GameStop Details Wii Raincheck

Ready? Fight! GameStop Details Wii Raincheck

Last Friday Nintendo announced a raincheck program, exclusive to GameStop.  This program is for those of you desperate for a Wii, willing to wait until January, and willing to shop at GameStop.  Today GameStop outlined the details.

A limited number of reservations will be available at each store and only one reservation can be made per household.

The reservation process requires payment in full at $249.99 plus tax, to guarantee delivery in January. Customers will receive a custom-designed DVD case emblazoned with a Wii and the iconic Mario character wishing a "Happy Holidays! Your Wii is on the Way!" Inside the DVD case is a guarantee slip that provides gift-giver guidelines and an explanation of the gift receipt.

When the reserved Wii console arrives, the gift-giver will receive a telephone call indicating that their system is available for pick-up. Consoles must be picked up at the store location where the reservation was placed.

We suggest you start lifting weights to prepare for the Friday shoving matches.

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