Raspberry Pi Sets Record Straight on $25 PC

Despite what you may have read or heard recently, Raspberry Pi Foundation's much anticipated $25 PC will be available to purchase by the end of this month, the company said in a statement today. There had been some confusion as to when consumers would be able to get their hands on one after snippets of an upcoming interview with Raspberry Pi's co-creator David Braben appeared online, in which he seemed to indicate to Eurogamer that a release wouldn't happen until the third quarter of this year. That's not the case.

"The 'consumer release' that Eurogamer is talking about is actually the educational release, which, as you'll be aware if you've been hanging out on our forums, will come with a kid-targeted software stack, a heap of written support materials, and a standard case," Raspberry Pi said in a blog post.

Furthermore, Raspberry Pi promised that if there's a price change, it will be for the better. "The model A will cost $25 and the model B will cost $35 (unless we change them downwards," Raspberry Pi said.

Raspberry Pi, if this is the first you're hearing of it, is a credit card sized Linux machine with a 700MHz ARM11 processor and either 256MB ($35) or 128MB ($25) of RAM. It features an HDMI port, USB 2.0, RCA video, an audio jack, SD card slot, LAN controller, and some other goodies. The GPU is capable of Blu-ray quality playback and provides OpenGL ES 2.0 and hardware-accelerated OpenVG.
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LBowen 2 years ago

I can see the really great thing about this is that impoverished countries will be able to take advantage of such low prices. I can just imagine the possibilities and I certainly wouldn't mind donating some to a third-world school.

realneil 2 years ago

I want one just to play around with, and to see what's possible with it.

pwrntspd 2 years ago

For this kind of money its fantastic. I really want one just to mess with. Screw arduino this things a beast.

FloydF 2 years ago

Improverished countries my ass, why can't you hook 1,000 of these togather for some major parallel computing? Low cost, low power, low heat. Not really fast, but running linux instead of windows should make it seem like an i7 on windows.... Low cost super computer?

In any case I'm looking for some to play with as well.

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