RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook Starts Shipping

Know what today is? It's yet another busy Tuesday in the tech world, and part of that is due to Research In Motion shipping their first tablet. The QNX-based BlackBerry PlayBook has been in the works for months upon months. We've known about its existence since the end of last year, and with reviews just hitting the Web this week, it's now time for the public to get their hands on it. Many early critics found the PlayBook lacking in a few instances, namely, the omission of a dedicated e-mail client. As it stands, the PlayBook requires a BlackBerry link to get e-mail, but RIM has made clear that they'll be changing that soon.

Last-minute software updates were also coming hot and heavy, and early reports of sluggish sales can't be helping things. Analysts don't seem enthralled by the product, and while RIM's earnings have been up lately, it's the future that has Wall Street worried. Here's the question: did you line up to get a PlayBook today? How are you enjoying it, and how does it compare to the other tablets out there from Apple and Samsung?
Via:  Yahoo! News
Drake_McNasty 3 years ago

And the parking lots were bare except for the three reporters looking for a line........poor RIM. Cue the crickets.

gibbersome 3 years ago

Well the playbook is actually a very nice tablet, just too bad that RIM is getting a lot of negative press about it.

supergurudoss 3 years ago

Ya even I just read the review and it look like they have failed this time. I do have the BB8900 Titanium and I still love it. Maybe they were not meant to make tablets.....remains to be seen.

omegadraco 3 years ago

It looks nice but do we really need another tablet os?

rapid1 3 years ago

Things like the playbook and the Xoom baffle me to a point. Why are they not complete when they are released, that is like public beta testing which the consumer is paying for really. I am sure many grab them super early for the WOW show off factor, but the things are basically worth not much else when first released on the PC side of the game. One thing I will give Apple is when they release something it is somewhat stable (better than these for sure) on most fronts as well as operational.

rapid1 3 years ago

Yeah I agree on the added tablet OS, but it is Blackberry, which really is kind of like an Android type OS in definition (not in reality) in many ways. They are somewhat open source to a point at least. I think if Blackberry wants to go here though they should have developed it further to make it an encompassing experience and use platform more than what they did.

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