Polariod Plans to Release Android Powered Camera at CES

The LG Optimus G on Sprint sports a 13MP rear-facing camera so that you can shoot high quality photos about the size of Texas, and smartphones in general have upped the ante when it comes to snapping photos. Is there even a market for point-and-shoot cameras anymore? You better believe it.

In an effort to stay relevant, we're starting to see and point-and-shoot camera makers embrace Android. Nikon and Samsung both offer Android-powered cameras, and come next month, you can add Polaroid to the list.

Polaroid Land Camera 103
The Polaroid Land Camera 103 sold for $90 in 1965, which amounts to more than $630 today after factoring in inflation. Polaroid's Android-powered point-and-shoot will presumably cost less than $630.

Polaroid said it plans to unveil an Android-powered camera at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. With Android baked in, users will be able to snap high resolution photos and then immediately upload to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. We also suspect the camera will offer access to Google Play and photography apps.

Early reports suggest Polaroid's new camera will sport an 18.1MP sensor, 3.5-inch touchscreen, and run Android 4, though it's unclear if it will feature Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) or Jelly Bean (4.1+).
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dorkstar one year ago

I was just recently having a discussion with my family about the downfalls of digital cameras. We take 1000 times more pictures than we used to, but physically have 5% of the photos we used to have. It seems with the digital age we've kind of left behind the picture frames and such. I honestly think I'd pick up a polaroid camera if the price was right, just so I'd be able to snap some photos and toss them in a box to find 20 years from now.

DigiJunkie one year ago

Thanks for your news. I go around the tech sites, blogs but no site tell me about its battery? How many pictures can I take?

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