PlayStation 4 Pre-orders Already Commanding Ridiculous Premiums on eBay

Look, we all know how the game is played. Whenever there's a new console launch, there's a mad dash to gobble up what's traditionally been limited inventory at the outset, and then flip it on eBay or CraigsList for an obscene profit. It sucks for people who just want to grab a console in time for the holidays without the intention of selling it the next day, but that's how it's been. What's harder to understand, however, is why people are paying big premiums for PlayStation 4 pre-orders on eBay months before the launch.

A quick peek at ended auctions on eBay reveals that someone purchased the rights to a pre-ordered PS4 console for $9.999.99 with free overnight shipping.

PlayStation 4 on eBay

"My wife and I are going through a very tough time and need financial help," the listing states. "We have our first baby on the way and are very excited but need help. Thank you very much. I also am donating a large percent to Make a Wish Foundation."

Whether or not the seller is telling the truth, who knows. It's also not known if the winning bid is legitimate, though at the insane asking price of ten grand, we'd lean toward it not being honored. Still, there are several other PS4 pre-order auctions for thousands of dollars, and some in the high hundreds, well above the console's $399 MSRP. Even if just one of those turns out to be legit, it's a head-scratcher.

PlayStation 4

The crazy thing about this is that you can pre-order the PS4 at several retailers. Walmart, for example, has the PS4 available to pre-order for $399.96 with free shipping on launch date. And while GameStop is sold out, both Best Buy and Target are promising day-of-release availability for pre-orders. Toys R Us is currently sold out, but promises more will be "available again soon."
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Jaybk26 one year ago

It's incredible how much people want the latest gadget and console. It's equally incredible that people will take advantage of others like that. I remember my brother doing this same thing with the Wii (making a $350 profit) though.

MayhemMatthew one year ago

And meanwhile in Canada, I can still pre-order this no problem whatsoever.

I wonder if I should. I would feel a tiny little bit bad doing this, but not a lot. I don't make enough to feel bad.

ajm531 one year ago

Have some patience people Geez. Thats ridiculous. Its stupid actually. If you dont feel bad take advantage of other human beings then go ahead. Stuff like this makes me weep for humanity.

Jun one year ago

HOLY! That overnight shipping still requires the guy to get the PS4, wait til morning, then ship it. The guy who bought that rip off will have the PS4 one day after launch, so he isn't cool enough. Seriously just wait.

Clixxer one year ago

I'm pretty sure you can still pre-order, people are just crazy or got way to much money to spend if they are paying those prices this far out from launch. 

DontUSASme one year ago

Jeez. People really don't like waiting a couple days for Amazon to have it back in stock.

AlpayBarzOzalper one year ago

The reason so many people are running to ebay to basically buy someones pre order is because you can no longer get one on release day (phase 1), you can only pre order now to receive it just before christmas (pahse 2). People are basically making middle man profit so that the people that don't want to wait a month can have it 1or 2 days after the official release date. The reason why i say 1 or 2 days is because the person who has made the pre order will need to pay and collect it from the retailer bring it to the post office the same day and post it for next day delivery or if listed as available for collection then the buyer will receive it same day.

tetrahydra82 one year ago

I cant believe the cheek of some people on here who are openly talking about selling the multiple pre orders they have made at different stores. You people disgust me and are no better than concert ticket touts. You take what you dont want just to drive the price up for the real fans. I think ebay should cease all pre order sales but I doubt they will. I intend to take action myself and invite others to join me by placing ridiculously large bids on these pre orders and not making payment. You money hungry scroungers have really hit a nerve with me on this and I intend to hit evry single one of you back. Please join me people, it is time to make the touts pay!!!!

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