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Piixl Media PC Mounts Behind Your HDTV

Piixl Media PC Mounts Behind Your HDTV

Home Theater PCs are a dying breed, but they won't vanish completely. We think there will always be a niche market of individuals who want to hook up full-featured PCs to their TVs, and with TV tuners and the explosion of web content (Hulu and Boxee, anyone?), it's no surprise to see more and more boutique companies coming out with more interesting designs.

Piixl is a London-based start-up company that caters to high-end, and obviously it caters to those who already own flat panel HDTVs. Basically, the EdgeCenter line of media PCs fits behind a flat panel but in front of a TV mount; it straps directly onto a flat LCD or plasma HDTV (up to 70" or so) via the VESA mounts on the set, and then the mount attaches from there. Basically, your HTPC can hide directly behind your TV. No box beneath it, no cables to run behind the walls, nothing like that.

Of course, this sleek solution comes at a hefty price. The base configuration is well over $4000, and if you really want to go all-out, you can even get one equipped with a Core i7 and a dedicated GPU for gaming. Still, we love this design concept. It hides beautifully a system that would generally take up floor space--we just can't wait for the price to settle down a bit.

London, the 12th December 2009
PiixL Ltd, a London based Technology Start-up,  is excited to announce the release of their new EdgeCenter range this week! The EdgeCenter is a totally new breed of Media Center Computer, designed to be mounted directly behind flat screen TVs through their VESA mounting interface, for example between a flat screen TV and a wall mount mechanism. Only 30mm deep and adjustable to fit screens sizes ranging from 37 to 70 inches, the EdgeCenter stays quiet and invisible while leaving all the useful controls, I/Os and Physical Media readers accessible right behind the edge of any flat screen TV!
Beyond its striking design, a few features instantly single out the EdgeCenter from any other Media Center Computer available today:

- Ultra flexible design: already available with processors ranging from Core2 Duo to Two-Way Core i7, optional Discrete 7.1 Audio, up to four TV Tuners and the latest generation of Graphic cards, providing both Media Oriented and Power Users the perfect solution!
- Easy to use: The first ever computer with built-in PowerLine networking! Comes with Windows 7, MyMovies extension pre-installed and a choice of of accessories carefully selected for a one-stop, all-in-one platform.
- Durable: Unmatched components quality sourcing, all aluminium chassis, and a truly future proof Design where
 all components can be upgraded at PiixL's facilities.
Turning any flat screen TV into the ultimate Media Center to access all your Music, Pictures, Movies, Internet, TV Broadcasts and more, has never been that sleek and easy! Please visit us on www.piixl.com for more information!
PiixL Ltd is a London based technology company. We build entertainment-optimized computers, or Media Centers, that are beautiful, high-performers, easy to use, and highly durable. We are 100% vertically integrated, from design to support, and aim for nothing else than setting new standard in quality and overall performance. The EdgeCenter 3770 is the perfect illustration of what we believe is the information appliance many people have been waiting for. It reaches a perfectly functioning form and associates it with a smart hardware/software implementation in order to set a new benchmark for Digital Entertainment.
Please visit us on www.piixl.com for more information.

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Creatively packaged components. Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 processor plus nVidia 9300 IGP with a Hauppage tuner built in and a 500 GB hd on the base model. Plenty of power for an HTPC, this is pretty much what I've been looking to build. Only odd specs are the "enterprise class" hard drive and blu ray reader as an (expensive!) option rather than standard.  I wonder how they're dealing with heat dissipation, I don't see any vent holes.  Heat pipes and fan a la laptop perhaps? Too bad about the high entry price, makes me wonder who they get the motherboard from. :) I like the form factor.

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I don't think that HTPC are a dying breed. They never were that popular to begin with. They are evolving though, from getting content from a tuner card to getting its content from an internet conection. I think that there will actually be more HTPC's in the future, they will just be a lot different from the ones of the past. Boxee and DLink is suppose to come out with a $200 Boxee box soon. It won't have a optical drive, or a hard drive. It will be small, silent, and low owered.

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ROKU  Works for me in HD without problems.

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