Philips Unveils 27-inch Full HD 1080p Gaming Monitor with G-SYNC

If you're in need of a new monitor for your gaming machine, you're in good shape. We've already seen a number of display announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, including an interesting 27-inch panel by Philips that uses NVIDIA's G-SYNC technology to synchronize refresh rates to the PC's GPU.

The "Philips 27-inch Gaming Monitor with G-SYNC" (model 272G5DYEB) rocks a Full HD 1080p (1920x1080) resolution, 1,000:1 contrast ratio (typical), 300cd/cm2 brightness, and a 144Hz refresh rate with 1ms response time for fast action visuals presumably void of ghosting and other nasty artifacts.

Philips Monitor

"This 27-inch Philips monitor is a perfect gaming partner, with G-SYNC technology bringing breakthrough display performance and giving major competitive edge," said Chris Brown, TPV Global Product Marketing. "We believe anyone who really cares about their gaming experience is going to want a G-SYNC-enabled display."

We saw G-SYNC technology in action (see here) and found that it made a noticeable difference. With G-SYNC enabled, animation on the tech demo was "smooth as silk" (to quote ourselves) and free of any synchronization issues or stutters. The difference between a G-SYNC enabled display and one without was like "night and day."

As for the Philips monitor, look for it to be available in Spring for $649 MSRP.

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MikoGari 10 months ago

650$ >.<

CDriverSchroder 10 months ago

That's honestly close enough to $1000 and for $1000 I'd rather get a 4k

RyanCleniuk 10 months ago

I want this, but with a PLS or IPS panel...

SeanBlack 10 months ago

The more early adopters, the more likely we get good panels and higher resolutions

CharlesEaton 10 months ago

and like nvidia its typically going to be way too expensive

RanzePerez 10 months ago

I'm interested on buying a G-SYNC enabled monitor but only if its PLS/IPS panel with 1440p-1600p+ resolution. I don't care if its $1k+

BusayoAlade 10 months ago

It will be innovative to integrate g-sync into gaming laptop LCD.

JentoPieters 10 months ago

Kian g-sync too pro

Kian 10 months ago

G-sync pretty OP yep

MarkFindlay 10 months ago

Lol only issue is there are no IPS 144hz monitors out there, the IPS monitors are more for still images anyways so that really is defeating the idea of 144hz.....

You sacrifice colors that you get with an IPS for the great speed and performance out of a monitor with 120-144hz.

IPS are basically great for looking at still pictures with and maybe watching some movies but if your wanting Gaming performance and something that will look great at the same time you would not want to have an IPS panel.

That's basically defeating the purpose of having no input lag and no vertical tearing, you add IPS to that and you get a shit monitor for gaming and anything fast moving.

KimDHuus 10 months ago

Again, what is G-SYNC? I've seen videoes on YouTube, but nothing is different

RicoFrost 10 months ago

Not as high res as the asus however a bit cheaper.

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