Pandora Played 13 Billion Hours of Music in 2012

One of the oldest written songs in history is the Hurrian Hymn to Nikkal. It's inscribed on a clay tablet and dates back to 1400 BC. Unfortunately, you can't build a radio station around the 3,400-year-old song on Pandora, but there are plenty of alternatives. In fact, music lovers listened to over 1 million different songs by over 100,000 different artists on Pandora in 2012, the Internet radio service claims.

"A belated happy new year to our listeners! We hope you've hit the ground running in 2013. At the end of each year at Pandora we always pause to take a look back. We have much to be thankful for, but the passion and joy we feel from our listeners is at the top of our list. Thank you for making 2012 yet another fantastic year," Pandora stated in a blog post.

Lilly Brothers and Don Stover

Pandora's unique in that each song is analyzed by a trained music analyst using up to 450 distinct musical characteristics. This sophisticated collection of musical data is part of Pandora's Music Genome Project, which is intended to stream songs that you'll most likely enjoy based on other songs you've given a thumbs-up to.

The result is that listeners tuned in to Pandora and streamed over 13 billion hours of music in 2012. The streaming service says users created over 1.6 billion stations last year, with over 10,000 artists having more than 250,000 unique listeners.

"So thanks again for listening," Pandora added. "And remember, if you find a band you love, buy their music, go see a show, join a fan club. That's how we'll create a vital and healthy music culture here, and around the world."
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Dave_HH one year ago

I absolutely love Pandora and use it almost every day, whether in my headphones at the gym or streaming from my phone via bluetooth in the kitchen, making dinner. I've discovered so many new artists I hadn't heard of before because of the service.

CDeeter one year ago

I love how they transition between genres, most of the time songs flow very nicely into one another. I have a mix that includes rock, heavy metal, hair bands, industrial, ebm, goth, Celtic, and trance. Very rarely is the transition jarring.

realneil one year ago

I use Pandora too. I listen to Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, and some Celtic.

I use it a lot, but I listen to my XM Radio a lot too. Both are good services.

paul_lilly one year ago

I wish Pandora and Spotify would hook up and make a baby. A lovechild that's the both of both worlds would be rad.

realneil one year ago

[quote user="Paul_Lilly"]

I wish Pandora and Spotify would hook up and make a baby. A lovechild that's the both of both worlds would be rad.



And I would love to watch,......................


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