PS3 Firmware 2.0 Corrupting Consoles?

A number of complaints have surfaced which indicate that Sony's latest PS3 firmware may be corrupting consoles, resulting in them having a variety of problems, including complete loss of  functionality.

Users report, via the official PlayStation forums, running into numerous hardware problems since updating the PS3’s firmware to the recently released version 2.0. The complaints include a slowdown in console functionality, the loss of content, and even consoles being unable to read discs or ceasing to function at all.

It is indeed typical of updates. Our suggestion has always been: don't update right away. Wait a little while to see if any issues shake out. Recall the issues with the Leopard Mac OS installs?

recoveringknowitall 7 years ago

With the popularity of the 360 and Wii consoles, the lack of titles for the PS3(when compared to the 360) and the issue of Sony losing money on each console... does anyone speculate an early retirement for the PS3???

Der Meister 7 years ago

it better not, i love mine. 

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