Opera 12 Beta Launches With New Look, Lots Of Skin

Internet Explorer has its television ads, and Firefox has it's fiery fox logo. But Opera has a growing user base of its own, and the latest edition of the browser-that-could is now available. Opera 12 Beta has launched this week, presenting an entirely new look and feel, including new themes that provide some of the most stunning skins yet. With the new implementation, anyone can style Opera just the way they want. There's also 64-bit support, enabling startup times and page loading to be quicker than before. There's also a new implementation that runs plugins (such as Flash) as separate processes, which makes the browser as a whole a lot more stable.

Other features? Support for the Do Not Track header, CSS3 animations and transitions, HTML5 drop-and-drop, support for CORS, and opt-in hardware acceleration and WebGL. Given it a download already? Any first impressions?
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MayhemMatthew 2 years ago

It is *** awesome. Some minor things I didnt like, but easy fixes. That said, Ive been in love with this browser since verion 5 or so...

MayhemMatthew 2 years ago

Hmmm, edit doesnt seem to work. I was going to add, that as always, Opera comes out on top as far as customisability goes. The multitude of now available extensions doesnt hurt either (though I use none, just a few custom userscripts). I have to say, for me, some of the newer web-dev stuff is the most interesting, doing that I do it quite a bit.

ZTimpson 2 years ago

Can anyone tell me why to get this browser over Firefox? This is the first time i have even heard of Opera. So if anyone has tried it and would compare their personal experience, i would sure appreciate it!:)

AKnudson 2 years ago

Yeah zack. opera is just another internet browser. The real difference is now its more stable. if you have ever used firefox you know that the settings are rather hard to find the first time, also the whole things freaks out about half the time when your just browsing around. Opera is a nice little internet browser that fast and intuitive. it grabs a tiny section of the web browsing market but with this last new addition it really looks like some great new features and maybe little more of the depth we were looking for in this browser will finally come.

ZTimpson 2 years ago

i am always looking for faster products! the stabiblebility is a bonus for sure!sounds like an awesome product with its new upgrades!

dejasoul100 2 years ago

Nice to see Opera adding some new features including the 64-bit version, which even IE9 or FF hasn't got right (although it was plenty fast as it is). I'll update to 12 when it's out of beta...

@ZTimpson, browser choice is really a personal preference. I also have Firefox, but I find myself using Opera and Chromium more often these days. I like Opera because it's really lightweight and on my computer (a sort of high-end AMD build), runs much faster and more stable than FF, no adobe flash crashes for me at least.

If you're an add-on junkie or you like extremely customizing your browser, Opera is not for you (although with this version it may change). But lack of add-ons never stopped anyone from using Chrome.

They've been around for a while, and some of the features you enjoy in other browsers (such as tabbed browsing, among others that escape me now) were actually pioneered by the Norwegians. Give it a whirl and see if you like.

ZTimpson 2 years ago

right on thanks

rapid1 2 years ago

Looks nice I downloaded it and it seems to be streamlined I like the clear/white layout to I will check it out more later.

inspector 2 years ago

Neat, although i don't use opera its nice to have the option now that it has more added features to suite me. I still like the classic looks better :P

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