Now Looks Can Kill

If looks could kill?  Or rather, now looks can kill, at least in video games.

Technology is being developed to allow people with severe motor disabilities to play 3D computer games like World of Warcraft using only their eyes.

Since the 1990s, gaze technology has helped people with conditions such as motor neurone disease (MND), cerebral palsy and other "locked-in syndromes" to control 2D desktop environments and communicate using visual keyboards.

Users typically guide a cursor with their eyes, staring at objects for a time to emulate a mouse click. But that is too laborious to let users to match the speed and accuracy of real-time 3D games, says lead researcher on the project, Stephen Vickers, of De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.

His team is developing the software as part of the EU-funded project Communication by Gaze Interaction (COGAIN).

Very interesting.  The research, of course, could eventually make its way into interfaces for the non-disabled as well.  It would be a huge boost to the self-esteem of disabled users, as described in the article, however
Via:  New Scientist
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frg1 6 years ago

sounds intersting Big Smile 

coolzonestefan 6 years ago

Well,the eyes don't get faster tired this way? 

Lev_Astov 6 years ago
That's an excellent idea! Now you can feel especially bad when you get pwned by a disabled n00b. I always thought there needs to be some way for heavily disabled people to interact with computers and games, it's great to see they are working on it.
higgamo 6 years ago

kool so many new ways to use pc.

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