Nintendo Sells 400,000 Wii U Units Last Week, Despite Shortages

Black Friday was kind to quite a few companies and retail outlets, Nintendo included. While the Wii U launched in earnest a few days prior to the famed shopping day, it's clear that a lot of people waited until last week to make their move. The company sold 400,000 Wii U consoles in America last week, while it moved 1.2 million devices in sum. That last figure includes the Wii U, the recently discounted Wii, 3DS and DS handhelds. Amazingly, the older Wii sold a whopping 300,000 units last week -- just 100,000 shy of the newer, shinier Wii U. We guess the old adage about pricing holds true.

The Wii U continues to be tough to find, and those who went out in search for a Wii back in 2006 probably think Black Friday is more like Groundhog's Day. Were you one of the many helping Nintendo to have a jolly week last week?
Via:  CNET
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MayhemMatthew one year ago

Yeah, people come in bitching that we dont have any and yet it is still being advertised. Campaign was paid for long ago buddy, cant stop it now!

sackyhack one year ago

Nope not me. I guess there always have to be early adopters or the console will die early, but I think it's silly to buy in when they're first release. I haven't been around for too many console releases, but with the ones I've been interested in, I like to wait at least a year for some games to build up and for the company to smoothen out any bugs with the hardware.

acarzt one year ago

I haven't been excited about a Nintento product since the Nintendo 64... I never got a gamecube, I bought a wii a while after it came out and then I sold it not too much later lol. Then I was given one and I've yet to play it... My wife has been playing Epic Mickey on the Wii recently though.

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