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Neo Geo X Gaming Handheld Makes Old School Cool

Neo Geo X Gaming Handheld Makes Old School Cool

Remember Neo Geo? For any gamer in "that" generation, the answer is probably "yes." Tommo Inc. and BLAZE have announced plans to release a Limited Edition Neo Geo handheld -- yes, a handheld -- for worldwide release in Q2 2012. That will follow the 20th anniversary of the Neo Geo AES console, which will feature 20 officially licensed games including retro classics. Things like Metalslug, The King of Fighters and Fatal Fury.

Specs wise, there's a 3.5" LCD, A/V output, internal stereo speakers and a headphone jack. There's also an SD card slot, and while there's no price given yet, we suspect old-school gamers will be lined up regardless.
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Hmm is it Neo-Geo only?

I'm guessing its an emulator on the handheld machine but I don't think this will do well as a probably relatively pricey handheld console for a dose of nostalgia when its competing against $5 emulators on peoples phones with bigger, better screens and the fact that its not an extra gadget to carry around when its on your phone.

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Nice to see old "pit-bull" again...

But... Are they gona make new games (like Magician Lord 2 or Pulsar 2)?

Humm... I suggest a better way too. Emulation on all Android and IOx users.

I agree w/ the prev post. Emu is the best way and is way cheaper than this...

NeoRex is great and work nicely. Like the desing, is plain clean and shiny.

Hey I still play Some Metal Slug and Pulsar from time to time ;)

maybe I'll buy it...

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