NVIDIA GeForce 9300 Motherboards: Asus and Zotac

With all of the recent hoopla surrounding Intel and NVIDIA as of late, today's announcement may come as a bit of a surprise to many of you. To say that there has been some tension between Intel and NVIDIA lately would certainly be putting it mildly. But the fact of the matter is, for now at least, the two companies share a somewhat symbiotic relationship. The products we'll be showing you here are proof of this fact.

What we have on tap for you today is a new NVIDIA chipset with an mGPU (or IGP) designed for the Intel Socket 775 platform, the GeForce 9300. We should note, however, that NVIDIA is also announcing the GeForce 9400 today as well, the same chipset that powers Apple's new MacBook line of products, but the two are nearly identical save for a few minor spec variations. Whether you're a small form-factor type, Home Theater PC buff or one of the newly enamored by Apple's new line of sleek notebooks, read on to find out about these enabling technologies that NVIDIA has launched today in platform chipsets with integrated graphics engines...

NVIDIA GeForce 9300 Motherboards: Asus and Zotac
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recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

My current build is on an mATX in a micro tower and I must say that I've really fallen in like with the smaller form factor. The only downside is that my board is Intel so no OC'ing features for me. :(

These boards look like a nice upgrade/alternative, but would hybrid sli be pointless with a GTX260 since it's already so powerful? In other words: would it even do anything at all for framerates?

The Zotac board's the 1 I'd want since it has 4 ram slots vs. the 2 on mine, has a fan on the northbridge, has the 1x pci-e slot above the 16x instead of below it so I can actually use it(on my board having the 1x below the 16x makes it unusable because my gfx card blocks it)and because it has at least some OC features.

The debug lights are handy too! Yes

bob_on_the_cob 6 years ago

Nice right up. My girlfriend has a Matx board and a SFF case. At first I hated it because the heat was causing problems. Finally got that Pentium D I won from HH o so long ago out of there and popped in my e4300 and the heat issue is gone.

This board looks nice, but I'm holding out for the DFI lanparty jr. boards to upgrade her from the Biostar that she has now. The AMD version is out. Intel version to follow soon.

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