NMA News Lampoons the Latest Ceglia v. Facebook Events

The folks at NMA (Next Media Animation) News have done it again, with another animated parody using their normal animation style. Their latest subject is the set of new developments in the Paul Ceglia and Facebook / Mark Zuckerberg dust-up.

Ceglia sued Zuckerberg in July of 2010. He claimed that in 2003, Zuckerberg had agreed to give him a 50 percent ownership in the project that became Facebook [Ceglia and the Winklevoss twins should talk; this may end up being "The Social Network 2"]. Ceglia also said that due to a provision in the deal, Ceglia "would acquire an additional 1 percent interest in the business, per day, until the website was completed." The suit said that by February 4, 2004, Ceglia's stake in Facebook totaled 84 percent.

While there was much skepticism over Ceglia's claims, particularly since he waiting so long to file, as well as the fact that he was a convicted felon, Ceglia has produced more than a dozen emails purportedly between himself and Mark Zuckerberg, ranging from July 2003 to July 2004, the year in which Facebook was founded.

The NMA News video lampoons the events, as NMA News videos typically do (they've spoofed Antennagate, Wikileaks, in-app iOS purchases before).

The emails are represented by seagulls in the video, perhaps because of the nautical theme at the beginning of it. What the animated version Zuckerberg does to them is a little over-the-top (but humorous), however. Watch it.

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rapid1 3 years ago

This thing seems to actually be something Zuckerberg should be worried about. That law firm is high dollar as well as prestigious within the legal circle's. They also say they have done there full due diligence checking out this case as well as on all factors within it (Email communication verifications etc), all the way down to the ISP. While the twins just seemed jealous that them and Zuckerburg were basically competition back at Harvard, this one seems more on the real end of things. While the man filing this has actually been convicted on something it was not related directly. You know what they say innocent until proven guilty in America.

I have also looked over this thing and read the emails a day or so ago. If those emails are verifiable which they do seem to be this man is going to get paid some serious money. The big thing is that Mark actually does admit to knowing who he is as well as doing business with him. So at the least if those emails are verifiable he will get at the least a settlement. The twins got about 65 million I think as a settlement, and they were not even partners with Zuckerberg.

So it looks like we will have a new billionaire in the world either sooner or later!

inspector 3 years ago

WOW, everyone seems to want a piece of facebook now that its so big. i think i got a letter laying around that says zuckerberg handed full control of the company over to me...

OSunday 3 years ago

This case is really sad....

HHGrrl 3 years ago

It'll be interesting to see what becomes of this. My prediction is that he'll get a hefty chunk of change.

I still think it's a little odd that Ceglia waited until now to bring up his claim. Although from what I've read it appears he somehow lost the proof until now. (Man, wouldn't you hate it if you were in his shoes and lost those emails!) If that's true, then it makes sense that he waited.

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