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Minecraft To Be Ported To Raspberry Pi Platform, Will Be Free To Download

Minecraft To Be Ported To Raspberry Pi Platform, Will Be Free To Download

"But does it run Minecraft?" Yes - it's the tamer version of the age-old Crysis question, but it's an important one given Minecraft's amazing success. While mobile gamers have access to Minecraft: Pocket Edition, those who own DIY Raspberry Pi boards have been out of luck. But, thanks to the hard work by the developers at Mojang, that initial question above can soon be answered with a resounding "Yes!".

It's important to note the "official" distinction here. This isn't the result of someone just fooling around with the RPi who manages to get Minecraft to run in some sub-par way. Rather, it's ported over by the guys who know how to pull it off successfully. The RPi is hardly a powerhouse, but when software is specifically tuned for it, any lacking performance doesn't have to shine through.

Dubbed the "Minecraft Pi Edition", this version will carry a revised feature-set, although it hasn't been mentioned at this point what that actually entails. The mobile version of the game is often lagging behind the full desktop version features-wise, so it could be that the "Pi Edition" will follow in those footsteps while also shaving back a little bit of what has to be in order for it to run smoothly on the RPi. Draw distances are likely to be one major feature impacted.

Perhaps the best part about all this is that Minecraft Pi Edition will be free - so you don't need to feel like you're getting ripped-off if you already own the other versions. Could Minecraft now become the RPi's killer-app? 

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Yes, just yes.

With a couple Raspberry Pi's and one higher end computer, multiplayer minecraft sessions will be easier than they already are.. I'm not sure why but this makes me envision little minecraft gaming centers powered by Raspberry Pi's aha

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I'm kind of confused, and I may be incorrect.

However, wasn't the Raspberry Pi's original use to be a very portable computer, mostly for students to carry around, and use as their portable computer for typing up projects?

At my school we have a giant bandwidth problem to the point Google wont load. And why? Because all of the kids in middle school are playing minecraft online with each other, when they are on break, or instead of doing their work!

Now I know I shouldn't bring all of this onto Raspberry Pi, but it just seems kind of ironic that this new piece of technology, bringing the ability for students like me to get our work done on-the-go, is bringing in support for the very game and reason, that I cannot complete my projects at school.

Other than that, it is really neat to see such a small device bringing the capability to run minecraft :)

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All work and no play makes Jack..... You did say on break right?

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