Microvision Shrinks PicoP Laser Display Engine For Even Smaller Projectors

Microvision has earned their fame from producing the first PicoP-based microprojector, the SHOW WX. That handheld projector just recently started shipping in America, but the company isn't done just yet. Today, they have announced the completion of the design of a new ultra-miniature PicoP laser projection display engine, which is even smaller than the one used in the (already small) SHOW WX.

The new display engine incorporates a proprietary ASIC chipset half the original size and weight that consumes one third less power than its predecessor while delivering WVGA (848 X 480) images and providing a 5000:1 contrast ratio (5x those other guys out there). The PicoP solution is rather unique, as it continually focuses regardless of angle or depth, and having an embedded versions opens up all sorts of new possibilities.

Imaging a clock that projects the time on your wall. Maybe even a wristwatch that does the same. Imagine putting projection capabilities into places you never thought possible, and that's what Microvision is hoping to accomplish. That's an initiative we can get behind.

Via:  Business Wire
Inspector 4 years ago

Very interesting, I would love to have one of these but im not sure where i want it in, maybe in my phone.

They already have clocks that project the time on to your walls :).

RyuGTX 4 years ago

Nice resolution and contrast ratio for a tiny projector. Would probably see this in one of the iPhone revisions. They will probably market it as a better entertainment experience on the go. Just turn on the project and it will place the picture on a wall. Then use the touchscreen on the iPhone as a laptop touchpad. It would give you more space to browse the web and better video viewing experience (youtube and other stuff).

animatortom 4 years ago

I agree. Place one of these in an IPhone.

Then combine that with the U-TV service, and BAM you got a portable TV so you can watch TV at work.

That is some pretty amazing contrast for such a small chip! If every phone had this so people can watch movies on the planes. Then airlines could save alot of money on those seat screens, and maybe lower prices! Hint Hint!

I hope they produce a slightly bigger unit with higher DPI, then maybe we can use these to project our PCs onto glass panels or desks. That way we can have that truly Sci-Fi feeling!

Inspector 4 years ago

Just my thought RYU :) The extra U-TV animatortom suggested would be awesome!

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