Microsoft Expects Xbox 360 To Outsell PS3 Across "Entire Generation"

You know us--we'll never turn a blind eye to a good megacorp vs. megacorp battle. Be in Intel vs. NVIDIA, AMD vs. Intel or Dell vs. HP, we love to watch the shots from the sidelines. And folks, this is a good one. Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg, director of product management for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, recently sat down with Game Informer in order to talk shop, and while some of the chatter involved far too many numbers and guesstimates for us to worry over, a few choice quotes definitely caught out ear.

For starters, he didn't miss any opportunity to brag about the Xbox 360's expansive game library, not to mention the console's ability to tap into Facebook, Twitter, and (of course) Netflix. He also didn't hesitate to point out that these factors were clear reasons why the Xbox 360 was superior to the "competition." In fact, he called his console "the best value in home entertainment," despite the fact that Sony's $299 PS3 Slim can handle Blu-ray Discs and all sorts of media streaming via PlayOn.

When questioned about the Xbox 360's extras, he pointed out that "it seems clear that this strategy and commitment is at a very different level relative to our competitors." Zing! Want more? Try this: "No other competitor comes close to offering the breadth of quality entertainment options as we do on Xbox LIVE." Nobody else, huh? We guess Sony's free online play isn't offering much to its gamers, right? Oh, and Nintendo's online play--no sweat, right?

When questioned about the impact of Sony's newer, slimmer, cheaper PlayStation 3, the gloves finally came off: "What I can tell you is we remain confident that Xbox 360 will not only outsell PS3 for the full calendar year, but for this entire generation.  It is similar to a game of baseball, it is not about just winning one inning, but instead being able to win the game by consistently delivering across all nine innings." Those are pretty big words. Sony's PS2 sold (and continues to sell) a huge, huge amount of units over the console's life. Even with the PS3 on shelves, PS2s are still being made and PS2 titles are still being moved. It's quite amazing--you don't see GameCube and original Xbox consoles still being sold in retail, now do you? For Microsoft to beat Sony's PS3 across the entire generation, it'll have to pull off something most would say it's darn near impossible given the loyalty to Sony's brand and its recent push to become more price competitive.

Of course, only time will tell if the Xbox 360 really has the staying power to eclipse the mighty Sony, but at least one bigwig up there in Washington seems confident that it does. Let the war begin, gentlemen.
Via:  Game Informer
king327200 5 years ago

Really Shawn? Your "article" does nothing but call you out as an obvious Sony fan-boy. I would think it's common knowledge at this point that the 360 has, up to date, grossly out sold the PS3... and as for the Wii... everyone I know who has one has a thicker layer of dust on it then it is tall. I own both the 360 and the PS3... my 360 is turned on about twice as much as the PS3... if it weren't for Blu-Ray and a hand full of games the PS3 would be turned on even less. Sony's on line component is free because it needs to be... the 360's is better and has a tremendous amount more active users. These are facts... not Microsoft fan-boy-ism... facts.

Hahahaha... the mighty Sony.

shawn.o 5 years ago

As someone who owns neither an Xbox 360 nor a PlayStation 3, I'll just assure that I couldn't care less who beats who in this battle. Just as long as the gloves come off, I'm happy :)

3vi1 5 years ago

I own both systems (and the Wii), and I do not look forward to any day when Microsoft might run the other hardware manufacturers out of business.

In addition to shoddy quality control (personal experience with a dead XBox DVD and a RROD 360). Microsoft knows people will still buy their product, even when they add restrictions that reduce user choice. No, I'm not talking about more Windows DRM....

Microsoft's upcoming update will lock out unofficial storage devices. While Sony freely allows their users to use any storage device they please - external USB drives or even internal replacements, MS is introducing a new "feature" that will lock out all 3rd party storage devices from companies that aren't paying licensing fees to MS.

If you own a Datel or other 3rd party memory card, copy any important data to a "genuine Microsoft" card quick.

That said, I'm not totally pleased with Sony either.  I've said before that the slim is a downgrade from older PS3's, and I stick by that.  I don't think either one of them has a clear advantage as a gaming platform, but I'd still put the PS3 just slightly ahead because it's also a blu-ray player.

gibbersome 5 years ago

>>>Microsoft's upcoming update will lock out unofficial storage devices. While Sony freely allows their users to use any storage device they please - external USB drives or even internal replacements, MS is introducing a new "feature" that will lock out all 3rd party storage devices that don't pay licensing fees to MS. (<<<

Absolutely shocking. I'm hoping that doesn't go through.

3vi1 5 years ago

I guess if this works out well enough for Microsoft, we can expect them to only allow hardware to work with Windows if it has a signed driver. 

Yes - I know they already did this as of Vista 64-bit, I'm just making sure you see what's coming five or ten years down the road.  And I'm not just talking about drivers.  This is why Apple, Linux, and all the other competition is good for everyone - even Windows users.

JCCIII 5 years ago

Take Dante's Inferno, everything about the game seems to be great for its art form. So, why should we except Electronic Arts’ and Visceral Games’ arrangement to put the PC last or out of the running when it is the main contender. What is one of those deadly sins from Dante's Inferno? Greed it is; and greed is what Microsoft and Sony use as control with their console contracts. Therefore, I hope freedom returns and we will be able to buy Dante's Inferno for a computer. I could be so sad..., really. :’(

In today's marketplace, the power of a 360 is likened to a PC with proprietary technology to such a degree that it cannot be used for much else but games--that is a waste. It runs too hot, is too loud, and has been damn unreliable. I had two systems die with red rings, and a power supply die. Conversely, computers scale well, and the price to upgrade a computer is pushed down ever month, unlike console systems.

DirectX 11, with its tessellation technology, is already an outstanding advancement that far exceeds what consoles can use. But, after their release dates, Microsoft and Sony, in the past, have intended to make us wait five years before upgrading their boxes, but every six-month, the choice should be ours as technology moves forward. With the computer's relentless evolution, we could have faster, smarter, and finer looking games, and we would have the freedom to choose when to make things better. Importantly, as well, we would not have to buy this system, for that game, and that system for this other game. The savings, to the industry and us personally, would mean more games and upgradeable systems.

I said about a year ago that Microsoft will have to release a new 360 or face losing much of its market to Sony's technology coming of age. And, I was hoping we would have a new 360 in 2009.

Today, in retrospect, seeing the way Microsoft uses its money to control us by keeping games from other platforms, I want to note what is especially frustrating. It is telling of the company's intentions, through its actions, these last five years. Microsoft pays to keep games away from the PC, but also sold us on, 'Our operating systems will become the best gaming platform ever,' noting XP commercials; this is defrauding us, and by keeping DirectX 10 from XP, for its garbage Vista, Microsoft boldly shows no shame. As if we needed to finance the company's beta to Windows 7, which is what Microsoft executives do, when we let them, sell us betas and lie to us.

I am now hoping things continue to move in favor of the PC. With that in mind, there has been a movement continuing in that direction. I wish more developers would have the same enthusiasm for the PC, and that is what is starting to happen; Randy Pitchford, the CEO of Gearbox with its new Borderlands game, and BioWare, under Electronic Arts, with its Dragon Age, and many other developers know where the future is.

Here is a good example: when Microsoft should be letting the PC and console grow together, they should also be working toward their integration. Now that I can play Resident Evil 5 on a PC with a 360 controller, switching on-the-fly between it and the keyboard, I am further convinced that the PC is the natural choice and that it will dominate when the media and technology is available.

Competition can be to human nature what water is to a plant, essential to growth, and we consumers have the ability to control competition by rewarding it when it is good. Microsoft's battle with Sony is also a battle against us, the customers. But we get lost in the con; for Microsoft to win, it would mean to beat us, its monopolized consumers. Microsoft's directors of product management know this well, and they will try to continue to control all the technologies that naturally work better on a PC if they see money in it, but more to the tune of, if our actions let this happen.

Every last thing the 360 can do has more latitude on a PC, and the PC doing it frees us and the industry from greedy corporate struggles that oppress and control us; really, no lie!


Joseph Carbone

3vi1 5 years ago

[quote user="JCCIII"]

DirectX 11, with its tessellation technology, is already an outstanding advancement that far exceeds what consoles can use.[/quote]

I need to interject something here:  The 360's Xenos GPU does support hardware tessellation, and a couple of games use it (Viva Pinata, for one... and maybe Mass Effect).  The results just aren't that mind-shatteringly different that what we're used to seeing. 

DX11 is overhyped.

Most of DX11's changes are just to make pre-existing features easier to use from a programmer's perspective - There won't be much visible change in what the gamer sees.  Oh sure, new games are going to look better... but that's because the video card hardware is getting more powerful at performing all the traditional functions.  New OpenGL games will benefit just as much from the new hardware.

Concentrating on DirectX is a great strategy for Microsoft though, as it makes code less portable - locking more developers into their platform and making sure that only a minimal number of games make it to Macs and Linux.

JCCIII 5 years ago

Dear 3vi1, hello,

Comparing DirectX 11's hardware tessellation with the hardware tessellation of 360's is good. Remember that hardware tessellation has been built into mainstream GPUs for the computer for years, but the use of the technology was held back from us by Microsoft.

The 360's rigidity decreases the technologies usefulness in a number of ways when comparing it to DirectX 11. And, the PS3 like the PC needs to work much harder in order to produce what the 360 can stream through a pipeline. Furthermore, tessellation support was keep proprietary for 360 sales. Anyway, the PC eventually does a better job without hardware tessellation as will the PS3. And, with hardware tessellation under DirectX 11, the technology frees the PC, where it was developed, but because there were 360 consoles to sell, was not allowed to have.

The tessellation of today, implemented by DirectX 11, enhances what the 360 could not do and has built on what it could, and even with the handicap of being denied this technology in hardware, when it comes to pure expression, developers choose the PC. The personal computer is where he and she do understand that his and her visions canvases best.

I think about what things would have been like if hardware tessellation was implemented for the PC in 2005, which was when it was ready.


Crisis Causer 5 years ago

It will undoubtedly outsell the PS3 over it's generation.  The only possible exception is that if the "Xbox 3" launches before "PS4" and the extra time of the PS3 on the market allows it to catch up.

As for me, I'm ready to switch.  Microsoft is ignoring my RROD request and I'm starting to get pissed off.  At the very least I'm gonna find a store with a great return policy over the holidays and "rent" a PS3.  Being such a return heavy time I know I can get a certain retailer to accept a couple week old, opened return.  That seems like the best plan for X-Mas break.

FarmerJim 5 years ago

According to WikiPedia total sales numbers from August (before the price drops)

PS3: 25m/3years = 8.33m per year

XBOX 360: 31m/4years = 7.75m per year

Looks to me like the PS3 is outselling the Xbox 360. Once you factor in how many people have purchased a second (or third, or fourth) 360 after a RROD, you can safely say that there are more PS3's in use in homes than there are 360's.

I moved from Microsoft to Sony and have not looked back. I have a 320 GB drive in my PS3 and have had zero problems with the system. I could not say that about the other system.

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