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Maingear's Quantum SHIFT Workstation PC Cuts Through CS5 And More

Maingear's Quantum SHIFT Workstation PC Cuts Through CS5 And More

Maingear already made a name for themselves in the gaming PC market with the SHIFT. The company calls that company the world's first "personal supercomputer," and though we doubt it'd be good for solving NASA problems or the like, it really is quite powerful. In an effort to cater to the creative professionals who also want that kind of power, but need GPUs that are better suited to computational programs rather than sheer gameplay, the company has introduced the Quantum SHIFT Workstation PC.

It's billed as the ultimate PC for Adobe's Creative Suite 5 (which just launched today, actually), and who are we to argue? When a machine comes with up to three NVIDIA Quadro FX CPUs, a selection of Intel Core i7 processors and up to 24GB of RAM, we tend to believe it can handle the occasional blur or filter. The three GPU setup allows the machine to really cut through CS5, with the GPU-accelerated color picker, color dropper and real time brush resizing giving users immersive interaction with the canvas.

The machine can be customized today, though the base price of $3399 will probably rule out an impulse buy.

MAINGEAR Debuts Quantum SHIFT Workstation PC for Creative Professionals

The ultimate PC for Adobe CS5 employs up to 3 Quadro FX cards, Intel i7 Processors, and up to 24GB RAM

Union, New Jersey – April 12, 2010 - MAINGEAR Computers, award-winning builders of custom computers for PC gamers, enthusiasts, and creative professionals, unveils the Quantum SHIFT Workstation, an everyday super computer that exceeds the demands of the most power hungry graphics professionals.  Fully optimized for Adobe CS5, the SHIFT employs up to three NVIDIA Quadro FX graphics cards to enable a GPU accelerated Adobe Creative Suite that allows you to design with creative precision.  SHIFT’s unique vertical heat-stack design ensures that your Quadro equipment remains cool and quiet no matter how intense your tasks may be.

With Adobe CS5 powered by MAINGEAR, you can navigate images like never before with GPU-accelerated scrubby zoom, bird's eye zoom, and 3D modeling.  Also, GPU-accelerated color picker, color dropper and real time brush resizing give you immersive interaction with your canvas.  The CUDA-accelerated Mercury Engine in Premiere Pro gives post-production houses the power to edit more than 3 layers and multiple effects in real-time.  With Quadro’s GPU acceleration in Premiere Pro, playback of two layers HDV and effects can be accelerated in real time on the GPU.  At nearly 30 frames per second.  Compare that to 2.2 frames per second on the CPU only.

“Adobe CS5 fully leverages the advantages of NVIDIA’s Quadro FX GPU accelerated technology,” said Wallace Santos, CEO and Founder of MAINGEAR.  “Quantum SHIFT optimizes both technologies with enhanced performance and airflow, providing creative professionals with the most advanced workstation PC ever created.”

In addition, the new GeForce GTX 480 brings an unprecedented amount of professional power to the table.  If you're looking for the ability to playback three layers of HD, and twice the performance of a GTX 285 in CS5, the SHIFT with GeForce GTX 480 is a powerhouse editing product.

"Adobe CS5 powered by GeForce GTX 480 hardware has enabled us to achieve same-day edits with our in-house video production," said Chris Morley, CTO of MAINGEAR. "In seven years of designing and selling high definition post production workstations, I've never seen so much get done in so little time and for so little money.  The ROI with SHIFT powered by NVIDIA running Adobe CS5 is amazing."

Consumers can purchase the Quantum SHIFT at MAINGEAR's Web site  or order by phone at (888-MAINGEAR).  The base price is $3,399 and comes with MAINGEAR’s premium Lifetime Labor and Phone Support with a 1 year hardware warranty and is backed by the best in-house support team in the country. 
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Hahahah. The occasional "blur or filter." =D

With three Quadros it can be pumping out every effect Adobe has in their arsenal. I think those cards alone have enough RAM for real time compositing, and the 24 gigs of RAM is perfect for high end rendering. 

I bet weather companies and Embry Riddle AU could really benefit from this system. Embry Riddle in Daytona Beach, Florida has a meteorology program that uses high end computers like these to generate high quality 3D storm images. 

Hell that school has it's own super computer, literally. The National Weather service actually goes to Embry Riddle for those 3D images as well, so they can be studied. I find that fascinating that a school has that much hands on experience in classes. I was going to go there, but the $35,000 price tag was too much, it was close to $50,000 a year for pilots in training. 

Anyway, honestly that's not entirely bad for a starting price of $3399, considering what sets you back in the buck the most would probably be the RAM. 

If this PC is the ultimate build for CS5, then that means the guys that developed this PC has a developers edition of CS5 that they were benchmarking it with, I hope. 

I find it ironically sad that the only thing that might have a slight bottlenecking feature in this machine would be if you chose the lowest end i7 processor to go into it, especially with three GPU's and 24 gigs of RAM, you would think it would overshadow the CPU a little bit. 

The GPU acceleration is what really gives the PC an edge for CS5 I think. The fact that it can build multiple layers of 3D images in real time is a selling point for me, and a lot of other people I would think. 

The next 5 years is going to be real nice for me. I won't have to have an entire studio of computers dedicated to hashing out massive HD videos, I can do it all from my home. This computer may as well be a testament of that. 

In the short: Me like. 

I love the case though. It has so much "flow." I guess in car terms, you would say that it's very clean. Of course I'm more or less talking about the guts of the computer, and not the case itself, but you get the point. 

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That is one Beautiful Beast!

That is the way a PC should look, at least for me :)

I wish it had three v8800's in it instead of the Quadros. Since they designed it for CS I guess its good enough for that :P

This is really good overkill. For most things in the Adobe suite, as long as you have at least one of those cards the production rocks! If you have two you have the best performance. This will make High Def editing in Premier much smoother and save you a ton of frustration. I cant tell you how many times I have waited for a render only to find out it has artifacting or missing interpolation!

Maybe all the Workstation builders are looking for a way to get rid of all these older Quadros now that the Tesla's are out. Computers like this are going to need three, in order to compete with a C250/ C1060 setup.

This is what I have been saying about the modern home solution. We will start to see more computers like this emerge, and allow people to negate the whole Studio system. This is why Hollywood is running to gimmicks like 3D :P

Essentially, a system like this with a Tesla setup server could replace a whole renderfarm that most studios currently use. Like Marius said, The next five years is going to be really nice :)

Hopefully Hot Hardware will include a couple of these on their Sweepstakes Giveaway schedule ?:)

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There's a schedule? :P


Anyhow, ridiculously awesome system, but I have a feeling that it'd almost be faster to replace the 2nd and 3rd video cards with a tesla card.

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Even though the price seems high, the default configuration is really nice. The default configuration is pretty high-end with some nice freebies. My favorite is the option for them to overclock your system that some companies charge you for.

I think one of the most surprising things is their warranty. I like how they will try and contact manufacturers of parts in your system that carry its own warranty when the Maingear warranty expires. So you should be able to still have a limited lifetime warranty on the EVGA parts.

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The craziest part about computers like these, is that major animation companies have several of these computers networked and are all rendering one massive video for hours on end. 

Frame. By Frame. By Frame. 

Fear not, for we will soon conquer CGI in the comfort of our living rooms. I hope. 

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2X Quadro5800's =$11,100.00

The three in the picture are the GTX480, which is good enough for CS5.

With the FirePro8800 out performing the 5800's it would be cheaper to build your own for your specific needs.

Yet still I Looove that Case!

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Yes the case is great, you can alwasys build your own for less and it will always have your needs in mind. The onl ppint in buying from companies are for the extra work you might not be able to do and some custom cases :D. Also you don't have the trouble of something going wrong :D... But great job they are doing.

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