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Maingear Catches Eyes With Striking mX-L 15" Multimedia Notebook

Maingear Catches Eyes With Striking mX-L 15" Multimedia Notebook

Maingear has been keeping its game up in the gaming laptop arena, and there's no clearer evidence of that than this machine. The mX-L 15 multimedia notebook is one of the sexier machines we've seen to emerge in quite awhile, and continued unveilings like this could really put the company on a different playing field. It lacks the marketing and clout of a Dell or HP, but it's becoming all the more popular in the underground, and we all know that the underground is where the good stuff starts.

This rig can be ordered with a Core i7 or i5 processor, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 graphics, a 15.6" LCD-backlit display (resolutions as high as 1600x900), 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, a 2MP camera, eSATA port, a super sleek design and a multi-touch and gesture touchpad. It also comes with Windows 7, up to 8GB of DDR3 memory, an 8x DVD burner and a variety of HDD or SSD choices. Best of all, it starts at ust $999, and it can be customized now to your liking.

MAINGEAR Launches New mX-L 15 Multimedia Notebook

Sleek laptop delivers powerful mobile computing performance in a sophisticated design

Union, New Jersey – March 3, 2009 – MAINGEAR Computers, award-winning builders of custom computers for PC gamers and enthusiasts, unveils the new mX-L 15 multimedia notebook, a sophisticated mobile computing solution that gives consumers affordably powerful performance in  a sleek design starting at $999.

Processing Power – mX-L 15 features the all new  Intel® Core™ i5 / i7 mobile processors that boast a combination of fast cache, Turbo Boost Technology, and Hyper-Threading for faster multi-tasking and multimedia.  Coupled with an integrated memory controller and dual channel DDR3 memory, the mX-L 15 delvers a silky smooth computing experience.

Vivid Graphics – mX-L 15 features ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 graphics to give you a visual feast of high definition media and gaming on the vibrant, LED-backlit 15.6? widescreen display at resolutions up to 1600×900.  You’ll get a clean, crisp image whether you’re working in Excel, surfing the web, or watching high definition movies.

Connectivity, Security, and Expandability– With wireless 802.11b/g/n technology, you get the fastest, most secure wireless experience. Coupled with an integrated fingerprint reader and you can be assured that your system is locked down from unwanted guests. A 2.0MP camera provides for easy tele-conference and is compatible with popular software like Skype. And don’t worry about running out of space on the mX-L. An e-SATA connection will enable you to connect external hard drives at speeds that match your internal storage.

Solid-State Hard Drives– Configurable with solid-state hard drives, the mX-L 15 eliminates moving parts, noise, slow boot times, and heat while drastically improving reliability so your data is kept safe and secure.

Sleek Design – The mX-L packs all these features and power into a package that is thin, aesthetically pleasing, and devoid of any unnecessary design aspects. The mX-L even features a full numeric keypad usually only found in larger, 17? notebooks and a multi-touch and gesture touchpad that allows users to zoom in and out and scroll through web pages quickly.

Consumers can purchase the mX-L 15 at MAINGEAR’s Web site or order by phone at (888-MAINGEAR).  The base price for the mX-L 15 is $999 and comes with MAINGEAR’s premium Lifetime Labor and Phone Support with a 1 year hardware warranty and is backed by the best in-house support team in the country.

MAINGEAR mX-L 15 Notebook
OS Microsoft Windows 7
CPU All new, 2010 Intel Core i5 and i7 mobile processors
Graphics ATI Radeon Mobility 4570 512MB
Memory Up to 8GB DDR3-1333 Memory
Storage Various mechanical and SSD options
Optical Drive

8x DVD Burner


1366×768 or option 1600×900 LED back-lit display

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This looks like a nice rig for sure. I especially like the 8 gig memory packages I have been seeing as is on this laptop, and that I have seen from some other manufacturers as well. This makes total sense on a 64 bit OS, which also seems to be becoming the main option. The GPU package is not the best, but I guess it is decent, of course they also may allow different GPU's as well from a site like this one.

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Just checked the website and the 4570 card is NOT upgradable. A little disappointed with that, otherwise this seemed like a great laptop.

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Well considering the default res on the display is 1366x769, you do not need a super ton of power. Also, on a $1k laptop how much graphics power do you expect? Even with what I would consider the required upgrades (4GiB of ram and a bigger HDD), you won't even crack $1.1k.

And it looks so sexy... well maybe not. My desktop has spoiled me as to what a sexy computer should look like.

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I never said that I expected a better video card at $999, but the option to upgrade isn't there. So while I love the exterior of the laptop, even at $999 the price isn't justified considering the 4570 lags behind the 240M in performance. Maingear has a good reputation in gaming and if they offered at least an upgrade to 5650 or 360M for a few hundred more, it would make the laptop a lot more appealing.

But my judgment may be biased since I'm always on the lookout for value. Just saw a Lenovo Ideapad Y550 Laptop with following config for $760:

* Intel Core i7-720QM Quad Core Mobile Processor (1.6 - 2.8GHz, 6MB Cache)

* 4 GB DDR3 Memory

* 320GB 5400RPM Serial ATA Hard Drive

* Dual Layer DVD Burner

* Intel Wireless Wi-Fi Link 5100

* Bluetooth Version 2.1 + EDR

* NVIDIA GeForce GT 240M 1024MB

* 15.6" HD Wide LED 1366x768 Screen

* 6 Cell Lithium-Ion Battery

* 1-Year Warranty

* Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

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I agree gibbersome mainly because upgrades in a laptop specifically are complicated to say the least. I can tear apart any PC be it laptop, desktop, server etc, and have done so for years on a professional level. It still does not make it easy because of a laptops specialization, and of course component availability.

This is based on many things. The MB, the socket for said component, the ability to find a replacement that fit's this socket, and works with  the MB, controllers on it, memory, platform etc can be quite daunting. Every extra step you add in a specialized platform makes it that much more complicated. This is also not to mention any upgrade in a closed platform raises both the heat envelope, and the electrical requirements.

Either way being setup from the start is the best focus with something like a laptop. I bought my 7811FX because it was solid component wise when I bought it. Yes I game on it, or can when I want to. However; it is not top of the line GPU wise any more. I use it for far more than GPU limited applications though. My main focus on it is school work, research, and capabilities beyond that even though it is available.

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