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Maingear Adopts NVIDIA's "Power Of 3" Configuration On Select Gaming PCs

Maingear Adopts NVIDIA's "Power Of 3" Configuration On Select Gaming PCs

Hardcore PC enthusiasts may argue that "building your own" gaming rig is the only real way to go, but for those without enough spare time/know how or the patience to deal with their own troubles in the future, there's Maingear. A lesser-known PC maker compared to the likes of HP/Dell, this outfit is notorious for keeping up with technological changes in CPUs and GPUs and always providing the latest and greatest for those with the cash.

The company's latest lineup is the 'Power of 3,' which is comprised of the X-Cube, Prelude 2, and F131 systems. All of 'em can be equipped with NVIDIA GeForce graphics, an Intel Core i7 CPU and the P55 chipset, which means the whole lot is more than ready to do battle with whatever title you throw at it. The whole 'Power of 3' thing is actually an NVIDIA idea, which configures a machine for "extreme performance" by enabling synergy between the motherboard, GPU (PhysX), CUDA, an OpenCL processor and DVD upscaling.

All three of these systems are available now, and while they start at just $1239, you can add parts until your heart is content and your wallet is screaming 'Uncle!'

MAINGEAR Debuts “Power of 3” Gaming PC Series
Specialized X-Cube, Prelude 2, and F131systems deliver rich gaming performance with NVIDIA GeForce graphics, Intel Core i7 processor, and P55 Chipset

Union, New Jersey – October 6, 2009 – MAINGEAR Computers, award-winning builders of high performance custom computers for PC gamers and enthusiasts, is excited to announce a special edition series of gaming PCs that fully embrace NVIDIA’s Power of 3 configuration optimized for extreme performance.  By adopting this approach MAINGEAR recognizes that PC performance is more than simply a function of the processor, but rather a synergy between components including the motherboard, GPU, a dedicated PhysX, game-changing peripherals like 3D Vision, a dedicated PhysiX, CUDA, a OpenCL processor allowing to off-load CPU Intensive tastks like video transcoding, DVD upscaling, and PhysX calculations for ultra-realistic gaming.

“MAINGEAR strives to bring integration innovation to the performance PC market,” says Wallace Santos, CEO and Founder of MAINGEAR Computers.  “NVIDIA's Power of 3 brings together cutting edge technology for the ultimate in high performance computing.  Together with Intel's Core i5 and i7 processors and the P55 chipset, NVIDIA's wide-range of homogenous computing technologies enable a wide range of CPU-offloading capabilities to accelerate the most popular software titles available today.”

NVIDIA's Power of 3 can be found on special configurations of MAINGEAR's award-winning X-CUBE, F131, and Prelude 2 custom computers.  From small and powerful, to budget-minded, to just flat-out powerful, MAINGEAR and NVIDIA enable the Power of 3 on a wide-range of high performance custom computers – all built and supported here in the United States.

“The Power of 3 helps our customers build balanced PCs for gaming,” said Tom Petersen, Director of Technical Marketing at NVIDIA.  “This is one of the best ways to get amazing gaming with PhysX and SLI.   It’s great to see MAINGEAR bring this to their customers.”

For more information, please visit
MAINGEAR is the premier high performance systems integrator in North America. MAINGEAR custom builds gaming, home office, mobile, multimedia, small business and 3D workstation solutions of the highest quality, which have won them many editors’ choice awards in every major computer publication such as C-Net, [H]ard|OCP, Maximum PC, CPU Magazine, etc. For more information on MAINGEAR, please visit or call, toll-free, (888)624-6432. 
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Mmm, they need a few more options. Some of their systems come with the stock CPU cooler only; others have a liquid cooling option but that's it. The Intel motherboard line is all they have to offer. Memory: Same thing, 1333 MHz in varying amounts. And while they do offer both nVidia and ATi cards for graphics, they also have a "dedicated CUDA, PhysX, and OpenGL processor" (a GeForce 9800 GT) which won't, as we've seen, play nice with the latter brand.

But I'm guessing they'll expand their repertoire, so good luck to them!

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First time I've heard of Maingear and will be keeping up with them from now on.

I've checked out their site and tt's important to mention that they offer ATI cards as well as Nvidia cards. In fact they have CrossfireX and SLI 3, though I would heavily recommend against 3 cards (they don't offer a performance boost commiserate with the extra cost).

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They're worth keeping track of.

I really would prefer to build my own though.

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