MSI P35 Platinum Combo Motherboard

Just in case you jumped right down to the news this afternoon, we wanted to let you all know that we have just posted a new article here at HotHardware in which we evaluate the features, overclockability, and performance of MSI's P35 Platinum Combo motherboard.  As its name implies, this board is based on the P35 chipset for the Intel platform.  But what makes it interesting is its somewhat unique ability to work with both DDR3 and DDR2 memory types and its funky "Circu-Pipe" cooling apparatus.  Click the link below and check it out...

MSI P35 Platinum Combo Motherboard
Via:  HotHardware
Anonymous 6 years ago

Great presentation,but I was never fond of mobos that support both DDR1 and DDR2 or DDR2 and DDR3

trueg50 6 years ago

 Nice transitionary board.


I had one of MSI's transitionary SD and DDR boards, very easy to overclock.

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