Lookout Verizon, Sprint Rumored to Retain Unlimited Data Plan with iPhone 5

Poor little Sprint stands to be the biggest loser if AT&T's proposed $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile is allowed to go through in what some fear would effectively create a duopoly with Verizon and AT&T/T-Mobile controlling the market. But regardless of what happens with that deal, Sprint has an ace up its sleeve: Unlimited data.

Sprint is the only major carrier to still offer a true unlimited data plan, one that's devoid of overage fees, data caps, or throttled service once a user goes over a certain threshold. No other wireless carrier has deemed such a plan to be financially feasible, so surely Sprint will cave in like the rest of them did, right? Maybe not. According to a Bloomberg report, Sprint will retain its unlimited data plan for the upcoming iPhone 5 launch.

Citing "people familiar with the matter," Bloomberg says the device will go on sale in mid-October, and that Sprint will be the only one offering an unlimited data plan for iPhone 5 users. If true, this could be a huge deal for Sprint as it looks to compete with all the major wireless carriers who plan to carry Apple's upcoming flagship device. Even just carrying the iPhone puts Sprint in a better position.

"It's a competitive disadvantage if your two larger competitors have the iPhone and you don't," Matthew Thornton, an analyst at Avian Securities LLC, told Bloomberg in an interview. "Getting the iPhone closes the gap."

None of this is official, of course, and Apple hasn't announced when the iPhone 5 is coming and which carriers will have access to the device. But it's believed the iPhone 5 will end up in everyone's hands (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile). With streaming video (Netflix), FaceTime, cloud-based storage lockers for music, and other data consuming services becoming commonplace, Sprint is setting itself up to be one of the more attractive carriers in the next iPhone round.
Via:  Bloomberg
omegadraco 3 years ago

O boy I am glad they are keeping the unlimited data plans because I do not want to seem them go away on my families Android devices. But I am hoping the same thing that happened to ATT when the iPhone was first released does not happen to Sprint. To clarify the network better not slow to a crawl.

inspector 3 years ago

Unlimited data or not, i really don't give right now :), i tend to use 1.5gb avg each month with up to 3gb max(but rarely). One month i had 7.5gb... don't know what i was doing... lol. just get me a good provider with nice speeds :). But im switching to android for my new phone anyways so :P lol. Help me choose if u know androids :D.

omegadraco 3 years ago

I love my HTC Evo 4G Inspector but right now there are better phones out there than that. I think the Droid Bionic ought to be good. Maybe we can get a hardware roundup of android based phones :)

infinityzen1 3 years ago

Depends on what service provider you want Inspector.

jonation 3 years ago

It would be a smart business move. As more and more service providers pull the unlimited plug

Aoshi 3 years ago

I keep hearing about this and I am super excited if this is true

IWannagiveyouit 3 years ago

Dunno about anyone else, but as slow as Sprint is in my area. I couldn't reach over 5GB bandwidth if I stayed up 24/7 and my life depended on it. Even in areas with full signal strength my Evo takes FOREVER to play a youtube video or even surf the net. I've no 4g in my area yet I still have to pay 10 dollars for PREMIUM DATA RATES? If that's your premium speed then I damn sure don't want to see what SUB PAR data rate is like. TL;DR : It could be unlimited data all day long, if I only get severely crippled bandwidth what's the point? Fix your busted ass network THEN I'll be excited.

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