LinkedIn Acquires Pulse News Delivery Service For $90 Million

What do you get when you mesh LinkedIn and Pulse? InPulse? Perhaps, but it looks as if this is a real question now that LinkedIn has snapped up Pulse for a cool $90 million. That's right -- the job location board has acquired a news reading service. It may seem like an odd marriage at first, but it's just one (major) step in LinkedIn's agenda to becoming more than just a place where people connect to one another in order to locate new and exciting job opportunities.

Pulse has grown into quite the popular app, delivering news in segments in a beautiful interface. The program was launched in 2010, and just three years later, it has a new master. According to Pulse: "

LinkedIn is the perfect partner as we continue our journey. The company shares our passions and values, our belief in the power of knowledge and elevated discussion, particularly for professionals looking for insights to help make them better at what they do. We believe this important step is the key to an even better experience for our community, and we’re excited for what’s to come.

With LinkedIn by our side, our team will continue to make Pulse the best it can be. We’re still working together on the product you love, and will continue to provide an innovative and visual news reading experience. For now, the Pulse apps will remain the same, and our two teams are excited to work together to create cool and useful new offerings."

In other words, Pulse may one day be shut down entirely and integrated into LinkedIn. After all, that's quite common when something gets acquired. But LinkedIn may be better off leaving well enough alone, and instead integrating it in addition to using Pulse as a standalone app. It'll be quite interesting to see how these two work together. It's an odd couple, but there has to be some common links between potential job applicants and reading similar news stories. Right?
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ajm531 one year ago

in think Punkedin sounds much better

Clixxer one year ago

Hmm, could be interesting. I wonder if this is Linkin's way of truly trying to grow beyond what they are currently doing. That or the integration between the two if they merge to become one company or keep themselves separate can only help drive traffic to one another.

Considering companies are buying out other companies that don't necessarily have anything to do with one another and being successful about it for growth or whatever reasons I guess you just will not know until they tell ya.

digitaldd one year ago

Used to love Pulse on my phone/tablet but the replacements for both devices had better apps already pre installed. So as far as I am concerned good riddance.

JoshuaRichards one year ago

I hope the pulse folk help linked in with their ui both online and in their apps. I think LinkedIn is great, but the design and user experience is a complete mess.

Pulse is/was beautiful, I wonder if the designers are now working for LinkedIn as well

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