Is Chrome Really the Most Popular Browser in the World?

Several reports have popped up online claiming that Google's Chrome browser is winning the brutal browser wars, having topped Microsoft's Internet Explorer in overall usage yesterday, as noted by StatCounter, an independent website analytics company. It was, according to StatCounter, a one-day victory, albeit on a global basis.

"While it was only one day, this is a milestone," commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter. "Whether Chrome can take the lead in the browser wars in the long term remains to be seen, however the trend towards Chrome usage at weekends is undeniable. At weekends, when people are free to choose what browser to use, many of them are selecting Chrome in preference to IE."

Here it is a day later and StatCounter has IE back on top with a 32.23 percent share of the browser market, barely edging out Chrome, which holds a 31.98 percent share. Take from that what you will. For what it's worth, StatCounter's data is a reflection of over 15 billion page views per month from a network of more than three million websites.

Net Applications, another popular market share tracker, claims its data collection method is the most accurate by factoring in unique visitors to a network of over 40,000 sites. According to Net Applications, IE still dominates the desktop with a 54.09 percent share of the market, well ahead of Chrome at 18.85 percent and Firefox at 20.20 percent.

So, we take it to you, some of the smartest readers on the planet (hence why you've chosen to visit HotHardware, right?). What browser do you use when 'the man' is looking over your shoulder?
Via:  StatCounter
twistedfate 2 years ago

Google chrome works great on slow networks... So I mainly use it but its gonna be less secure now that its the number one browser. More people are gonna attack it security wise.

RTietjens 2 years ago

My IT Manager has stated flatly that he'd like to see everyone using Chrome for the Internet. We're stuck with IE internally because we use MS Sharepoint for collaboration, but safety on the Internet is important - and IE doesn't offer as much safety as Chrome.

omegadraco 2 years ago

Here is the biggest problem with Chrome. It bypasses basic windows security practices to install itself. Basically what I mean by this is a user who is not an admin can install Chrome on any machine they want (By default). This also means a person who is surfing the internet and is not an admin can have the Chrome files exploited easier since it is not installed in a "secure" location.

At work I use IE and Firefox and at home exclusively FireFox.

karanm 2 years ago

I use Firefox almost everywhere, haven't gone to a single computer in the last 6-7 years at least where Firefox was not installed. At the present I have no inclination to switch to Chrome, I did hear its a little quicker from some people while others say its slower, Haven't tried it for myself simply because Firefox has been doing the job very well so why fix something that isn't broke.

twistedfate 2 years ago

Its a bit faster but not by much

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