Intel and FREEDOM4 Accelerate WiMax Deployment

Intel and FREEDOM4 Collabrate to Accelerate Deployment of WiMAX Network in the U.K.

Intel Capital Provides Growth Capital to FREEDOM4

LONDON – Feb. 11, 2008 – In an effort to bring people faster, lower cost and a truly mobile, data broadband technology, FREEDOM4 and Intel Corporation today announced a collaboration to accelerate mobile WiMAX deployment in the U.K. Intel Capital, Intel Corporation's global investment organization, also announced that it has signed an agreement to make a substantial investment in U.K. based FREEDOM4 Limited (“FREEDOM4”), formerly known as Pipex Wireless Limited. Pipex Communications PLC will also join Intel Capital in this investment. This latest investment from Intel Capital and Pipex Communications, a major U.K. based telecommunications provider, follows FREEDOM4's successful WiMAX trials in the U.K.

FREEDOM4 is a pioneer in WiMAX services with broad spectrum assets, which will enable the deployment of WiMAX across the U.K. WiMAX services provided by FREEDOM4 aim to make personal wireless broadband available to both businesses and consumers at affordable prices. WiMAX represents the future of mobile broadband and Intel Capital, along with tremendous support from a worldwide ecosystem, is a leading global investor in WiMAX technology.

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Kamrooz 6 years ago

I love the idea of WiMax. But it's going to be a very difficult manuever to pull off. ESPECIALLY in the states. But if they can, kudos to them. We really do need to step up the game when it comes to our internet connections, heck, look at japens, 100mbps connectins straight to the home. Yet the fastest we have is Fios at 30 mbps for 150 dollars. Ontop of that! road runner and a couple other ISP's are looking into bandwidth limiting and overages charges, definitely NOT the way to go. But atleast Wimax is a step in the right direction. Could you imaging being able to go anwhere and have mobile broadband?..That would be truly sick. 

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