IDF Day 2: Eric Kim: "We Love TV"

Eric Kim really loves TV. If he ever decides to step down as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Intel's Digital Home Group, he might have a future as a game show host. At least he had fun channeling one as he donned a bright red jacket and asked panelists some media-based trivia questions to prove a point during his keynote address at IDF...

IDF Day 2: Eric Kim: "We Love TV"
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warlord 6 years ago

Kim showed a demo with two HD videos playing simultaneously--one was MPEG4 video, the other was H.264. He was able to independently control the playback speeds of each clip without it having any impact on the other's playback. The chip has full support for Linux and Web 2.0 (whatever that means), according to Kim. In 2009, the next generation SOC will be based on a 45nm process and will have an Atom core.

That is promising. Good to see them having fun with IDF


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