How NOT To Price Match

Often companies have very complex rules regarding price matching, but it hardly seems to justify some of the reported actions of a Circuit City manager toward a consumer named Emmett.  All this poor guy wanted was a price match on a GPS from Circuit City, and he ended up running out of the store before the police could arrive to kick him out, or possibly arrest him.

Here’s his story:

“...I drove down to the store, brought the GPS and the Costco ad to the checkout.  The teller called for a manager to override the price.  The manager declined to do so.   So I asked to speak with the store manager.  I was introduced to Brad, who later refused to give his last name.

I explained the situation to Brad, and he said he would not match the Costco price because it was a club.  I told him that I looked on the CC website and that it didn't say club prices were not eligible; and I reminded him that one of his employees ensured me that the price would be matched.

Brad said there are more limitations to the policy in a pamphlet.  I asked to see the pamphlet and he refused.  He then said it didn't matter what the pamphlet stated, because he made the rules in “his store.”

I persisted.

I asked again to see in writing where club prices wouldn't be matched.  He told me there was no way he was going to match the price and that I should leave.  I said I would gladly leave once he proved to me that the club portion of the policy existed.

His response: he called the police!

I was there with my 5 year old son, who became very scared by Brad's irrational behavior.  Of course, out of concern for my child, we left immediately.”

We can't be 100% certain that this story is completely accurate, and we’re watching the source to see if a Circuit City spokesperson responds. We can see why CC wouldn’t compete with a club or other pay-for association, but the response does seem to be over the top.
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mah_101381 6 years ago
usually as long as it is the same make and model, and within a certain time frame if any, the price is matched. The store mgr doesn't dictate their own policy unless they actually own that store. They enforce company policy and are personally responsible for that store. That mgr should be fired. I have seen employees fired for far less than that.
twricerocket118 6 years ago
That is a little over the edge. Can you really call the police over that? After all, the man was doing no harm, just trying to see if he could get a better deal based on a real policy Circuit City had made.
Crisis Causer 6 years ago

That's ridiculous.  He had the police called on him?  I guess it's annoying if a customer is too upfront, but the police are not needed.  Who even knows if it's true at this point though.

Marco C 6 years ago
Well, the manager can call the police and claim the customer is trespassing if he has been asked to leave and has refused.

As someone who managed a retail electronics store in a previous life, for me, the main question is how large of price gap was it? If we're talking about a difference of only a few dollars, the manager should have price matched to gain a customer.
Crisis Causer 6 years ago

True, he did say he wouldn't leave until he had proof.  And that just might not have been possible.

squid267 6 years ago
Someone a little angry today. I feel bad for the kid. Not the way to act in front of a kid.
ice_73 6 years ago
well i price matched a lcd monitor at best buy to the circuit city online (didnt have a printed ad) they said they arent supposed to price match online but i told them the price is like that in stores and i couldn't get a flyer. well i got the price match (and it was a big one! 110 bucks!) best buy defiantly gained me as a customer. the manager overrode it and said it was ok that he understands the situation. my recommendation is to stop going to cc, they havent been really keeping up with the times and always gave me a hassle when returning stuff, best buy never hassles me.
entermymatrix03 6 years ago

CC didn't want to give me a sale price on some PC games once. two guys kept telling me that they knew of no such sell. I kept telling them I saw it online on a forum and they told me that if I could pull it up they would give me the price but only if the site mentioned CC. I pulled up the webpage and they gave me the discount. argued with them for about 30 minutes before we got to the online portion.   

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