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Hardware Roundup

Hardware Roundup

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Motherboards and Chipsets:
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Memory and Storage:
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  • SandForce SF1500 Enterprise SSD Processor @ Benchmark Reviews
  • Cooler Master 690 II Advanced Mid-Tower @ Techgage.com
  • Speedlink Zone Wii Induction Charger Review - XSReviews
  • Verizon Wireless Gateway LT 2016u Netbook @ TestFreaks
Cases, Cooling & Misc.:
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I see nVidia is continuing the GF100 hype-onslaught to try to keep people from buying AMD before nVidia can get a better product to market.

They've been on this promotion crusade for about four months now (http://hothardware.com/News/NVIDIA-Unveils-Next-Generation-Fermi-GPU-Architecture/) , going so far as to show boards that were mock-ups as if they were working samples (http://www.semiaccurate.com/2009/10/01/nvidia-fakes-fermi-boards-gtc/).

How soon until we can actually buy something, or find out that the cost going to be so high that we won't actually buy it anyway? This recent blitz of Fermi releases makes me worry that we're not actually going to see anything until late q3 or q4... a year after they started the hype.

Disclaimer: My last five(?) video cards have been nVidia. I like em, but I like them better when they compete for sales using a card they've actually released.

+ -

Yeah 3vi1 I am running a 5850, but have been watching Nvidia spew info forever on this car now. As i the benchmarks the have people saying they have benchmarking results etc vs a 285 generally. Should I believe this or are Nvidia sending press release kits out that say look at how it obliterates our 285 chip, and those are real benchmarks (of course run by Nvidia techs engineers onsite only), but no one has been able to release any real info from anywhere I trust. Yeah I may get general fluff time to time, but I have no conclusive data at all. What if no game providers decide to use tesselation for anything. The only thing I've seen are demo games which came with my video card. Which I am sure are tweaked for ATI cards or they would not come free with an ATI providers (XFX) part. It is like being caught in a he said she said discussion really.

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