Google Removes CynogenMod From Play Store, Cites App Wants to Void Warranties

Google apparently isn't thinking straight these days, or at best, you could say the search giant's logic is flawed. How so? Well, the sultan of search contacted famed modder CyanogenMod and told him he could either remove his CyanogenMod installer from Google Play, or Google would remove it for him, adding that the app is in violation of Google Play's developer terms.

Here's the deal. The CyanogenMod installer has one purpose and one purpose only -- it guides users through installing the custom CyanogenMod firmware on their Android devices with a single tap. Part of that process involves enabling ADB, a build-in development and debugging tool, but that's not what Google takes issue with.


"After reaching out to the Play team, their feedback was that though the application itself is harmless, since it 'encourages users to void their warranty’, it would not be allowed to remain in the store," CyanogenMod stated in a blog post explaining why his app is no longer available.

This stinks of a power play from Google, whether on its own accord or because it was pressured by hardware partners. Either way, there's no denying the demand for CyanogenMod's installer. Not only did CyanogenMod popularize the concept of modding on Android, but he says there have been "hundreds of thousands of installations" of his app.

While this is a setback (and hopefully a temporary one), it's not the end of the road. CyanogenMod can still be sideloaded onto Android devices, though it requires enabling app installations from "Unknown Sources."
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NickModrowski one year ago

Lou Suffer

LouSuffer one year ago

Yeah, I saw that. It really sucks, but I see the "void warranty" part, from Google's perspective. lol

LouSuffer one year ago

They were probably pressured to remove it by cell carriers who are trying to nerf their phones as much as possible. You know. Pesky features like tethering, which they want to charge you for. Although...maybe some carriers don't care about that as much now that they did away with unlimited accounts.

ECouts one year ago

Aaaaaand Android sales plummet.

RBloch one year ago

Meh I did it the old fashion way, so simple.

lipe123 one year ago

What warranty does it void exactly?

The warranty is on the hardware of the device, if you brick your phone or get a virus on it or whatever and take it back to Samsung or whoever they will charge you a lot of labour to reload the software.

Also cyanogenmod is still Google's own android OS just like the one installed by the hardware vendor sans the junk they load on it for you.

So in conclusion the only people I can see that has a problem with this is the hardware vendors, not Google themselves.

CliffVincent one year ago

google has been making alot of bad decisions lately... just look at google plus

PaulStagner one year ago

This should not be the case. They need to have that available to keep us coming back. They will lose to someone else who does allow open source usage. FSF/GNU all the way.

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