Get A Job: The Top 50 Places To Work, Facebook Number 1

Glassdoor recently announced its fifth annual Employees' Choice Awards. This list provides a look at the 50 best places to work as selected by people who actually work for these companies. There are a number of tech companies that make the list, but Facebook takes the No. 1 spot.

Scoring 4.7 out of 5 stars, Facebook has been reviewed by 159 employees over the past year. From 151 of those reviews, Glassdoor has gathered that 99% approve of CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In one review, a project manager echoed approval of the company's management saying, "The company's leadership truly believes in Facebook's mission to make the world more open and connected." This isn't the first year Facebook has been on the list. Just last year, Facebook took the No. 3 spot and earned 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Of course, Facebook isn't the only tech company to make the list. Google took the No. 6 spot with 4.3 out of 5 stars. Other tech companies who made the list include National Instruments, LinkedIn, Citrix Systems, Apple, and others.

In order to be considered for Glassdoor's annual Employees' Choice Awards, companies must have at least 25 "approved" company reviews every 12 months. The reviews are provided by employees and posted anonymously. Employees can only review their company once per year.

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Dorkstar 2 years ago

Wow, that's really impressive. Well okay, maybe not. It's not like glassdoor is really a place to go to post good things about your employer. When I left my last company I wanted to go on there and just rant about all the things I hated. So I suppose if someone went out of their way to post good things about your company, maybe it is a good place to work after all. I personally have always dreamed of working for Google, I've heard nothing but good things. Have you looked at the necessary qualifications for working at Google? Yep, I'll never work there.

Super Dave 2 years ago

Missing from this story is the list of the top 50 companies. I was curious so HERE is the link. In-N-Out Burger is #9!Stick out tongue I bet realneil misses In-N-Out since he moved back East!

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