FastPdfKit Becomes First Siri-Controlled 3rd-Party App

What if there were a way for Siri to do more than it does? What if it could control everything? We're getting there. Siri has been tweaked to enable voice controls of third-party applications. It's a proxy setup that catches instructions, converts them, and eventually sends the final dictations to the app. FastPdfKit is the first app to have this support, and while it's tough to explain in words, there's a video here that showcases it well. The real question is this: how prevalent will this become, and will Apple introduce wider support of this in the next major build of iOS?

Via:  FastPdfKit
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gazd1 3 years ago

Good to see this type of tech getting more reliable & better. Even though I will not use it myself & most probably never will. I'm one of those that like to stick to the desktop pc. Desktops are easier to use, less strain for your eyes & overall last longer. These little mini laptops ( iPads, etc ) are not for me, nor are these apps, either.

gloriad1 3 years ago

You've got it right there gazd1! Although the voice controls will sure come in handy and make every thing so much more easier.

TalkToThePhone 3 years ago

Great little article Ray. I can't wait to see Siri on the iPad!!!!!!!

I've even seen some hacks where Siri can start up your car:

Manduh 3 years ago

Sweet, I can't wait to see what else Siri can do or what hackers and developers do with it!

jonation 3 years ago

siri robot assistant?

rapid1 3 years ago

I like Iris better :)

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