Fanless Tech Announces Core i3-Packing Habey BIS-6763 Mini PC

Fanless Tech is unabashed about its new Habey BIS-6763, and the fanless mini PC is indeed something to brag about. For starters, the tiny machine (7.5 x 7.5 x 2.6 inches) boasts an Intel Core i3-2367M, and it’s designed to be “indestructible”, according to the blog post announcing the computer.

For graphics, the BIS-6763 runs on Intel’s integrated HD 3000 graphics, and it supports up to 4GB of DDR3-1066/1333MHz RAM (via a single SODIMM slot) with 2GB included. There’s also a 2.5-inch SSD drive bay; a pair of mini PCI-E slots; six USB 2.0 ports; and RS-232, HDMI, VGA, and Gigabit Ethernet ports.

You can install either Windows or Linux on the VESA-mountable BIS6763, and the computer pulls just 25W of power via DC 12V.

Aside from the fact that it appears as though you’ll have to buy your SSD separately (what’s up with that?), the $499 price tag for a mini fanless PC with these specs isn’t a bad deal.
Via:  Fanless Tech
karanm 2 years ago

I love mini Pc's, would have bought a Zotac Zbox a while back if it wasn't for the intel atom and other low end cpu's inside. This thing has a i3 which is awesome!! Only thing missing is usb 3.0.

TRandombage 2 years ago

The processor and RAM are the limiting factors but I guess with it being fanless and the low power consumption of only 25W its pretty good. Not having a built in SSD sucks. USB 3 would be good to have. But where is the WiFi and Bluetooth? And (SD) card reader? What would also be cool to have is wireless HDMI but I guess that would be asking for too much! :)

Roxanne-girls 2 years ago

This thing has a i3 which is awesome!! Only thing missing is usb 3.0.

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