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FLO TV Personal Television Ships For $250 + Monthly Fees: Any Takers?

FLO TV Personal Television Ships For $250 + Monthly Fees: Any Takers?

Mobile TV has had a tough go at it in America. A few of the major carriers offer TV services on select smartphones, but the $10+ per month charge usually turns people off. Amazingly, far smaller of a fight has been put up for the insane rates carriers charge for texting, but we suppose that's the true measure of supply in this whole "supply and demand" thing that our 5th grade teacher attempted to explain to us.

Today, the FLO TV Personal Television is hitting retail stores and web sites, though only time will tell how the reaction is. This device is a niche device if there ever were one, as it not only does mobile TV alone, but it's a completely separate device from your phone. In other words, users who want to watch TV on the go through this will have to lug it around in addition to their phone, laptop, etc.

The device itself--which we detailed here--will sell for $249.99, and at least through the holiday season, that price will include 6 months of free TV service. After that, you'll have to pay $8.99 per month or more for continued service, and that low price requires a 3-year contract to the service. We suspect we already know the answer, but would you be interested in buying into something such as this?

FLO TV Personal Television is the first portable digital television to offer all these features in one package:

  • Dedicated portable television. Measuring 3 inches by 4.4 inches by 0.5 inches and weighing just over 5 ounces, FLO TV Personal Television is small enough to fit in your pocket while sporting a screen large enough to enjoy a complete television experience.
  • Live mobile TV from America's best content providers. FLO TV offers full-length simulcast and time-shifted programming from the world's best entertainment brands, including Adult Swim Mobile, CBS Mobile, CNBC, COMEDY CENTRAL, FOX News Channel, MSNBC, MTV, NBC 2Go and Nickelodeon. FLO TV also offers limited-time bonus channels for special events, premium programs and original content.
  • A dedicated, nationally available mobile television network. The FLO TV service is available through a dedicated multicast network so millions of consumers can simultaneously get amazingly high-quality video and audio in real time without streaming, buffering or downloads.
  • A capacitive touch-screen. Users control the device with intuitive swipe gestures. The oleophobic glass lens keeps the 3.5-inch QVGA display crisp and clear.
  • Long battery life. With more than five hours of viewing time and 300 hours on standby, the FLO TV Personal Television can be used for extended viewing or on long trips.
  • An easy to share experience. With a large screen, built-in adjustable viewing stand and integrated stereo speakers, FLO TV Personal Television can entertain you whenever you want and wherever you are. FLO TV Personal Television is a dedicated device so it's easy to share with family and friends.

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I think realneil pointed this little tidbit out:

"Service not available everywhere. All programming subject to change and blackout restrictions."

Errr...since this seems most appealing on long train/bus rides, poor coverage might kill this device. How does it receive it's signal?

Anyway, you're looking at $250 for the device and $324 over the next 3 years in subscription costs.

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actually... it would be 3 years of subscription- the free 6 months of service. So the proper way to view it would be closer to 249.99 for the unit and 269.70 for the 3 years of service. It would most likely utilize a national carrier 3g network similiar to Amazons e-book reader. Now considering that a comparable service through cell phone carriers are at least that much then the 8.99 a month doesn't hurt so much.  (edited after i discovered flaw in my own logic)

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So I can buy this peice of... hardware... And pay $9 a month to use it... Or I can buy a netbook, laptop, Desktop, Xbox 360, or PS3 and pay Netflix $9 a month to use any of those. Hmmm Gonna have to pass on that one...


ON TOP OF THAT!! Plenty of phone companies already of TV on your cell phone. Well at least I know AT&T does, I thought it was a waste of money back then too.

People who love have a ton of gadgets will get this. But most people like to have 1 all inclusive peice of hardware.

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