EVGA Offers LED Controller to Customize GeForce GTX 690 Logo

When multiple companies are selling essentially the same product under their respective brand names, they have to try every way possible to sway buyers. In the case of EVGA’s version of the GeForce GTX 690 graphics card, the latest ploy is something shiny--an LED controller utility that lets you adjust the brightness of the “GeForce GTX” logo on the card itself.

Whenever you actually get your hands on your own EVGA GeForce GTX 690, you can download the utility and use it to increase or decrease the brightness of the logo. If you employ EVGA’s Precision X overclock tool, you can set the brightness to automatically adjust up or down based on what’s happening with a number of different factors such as GPU utilization or frame rate. An example EVGA gave in a forum post (where, incidentally, you can also download the tool) is that if your GPU utilization is at 59%, the brightness will also be 59%.

Yes, it’s kind of gimmicky, but if you’re dropping a thousand bucks on a graphics card, you might as well get some nifty extras, right?
Via:  EVGA
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Omegadraco 2 years ago

Definitely a gimmick but hey you might as well utilize that LED light on the card to indicate something.

rapid1 2 years ago

ROFL omegadraco good point

ajm531 2 years ago

Thats cool but for a 1000 dollars it should do more than play games and give my control of a tiny light on my graphics card. Whole dang thing should be a led light for that amount of money. Probably should be able to mow the lawn too at that price point.

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