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ESPN Mobile TV Comes To Sprint: Enough To Sway People To Switch?

ESPN Mobile TV Comes To Sprint: Enough To Sway People To Switch?

With March Madness kicking off in a matter of days, there's really no better time for this announcement to come. ESPN has managed to get themselves onto a variety of platforms: radio, television, Internet, mobile, etc. One thing that Sprint has going for them that all of the other U.S. carriers don't is a little deal with the nation's biggest sports broadcasting company, and for sports freaks, this may be all that's needed to sway them from AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile.

Starting this week, Sprint TV users will be able to watch ESPN Mobile TV, and if you subscribe to an "Everything Plan," Sprint TV access is already included for no extra charge. According to the company, ESPN Mobile TV coverage during March and April will feature more than 100 live events and over 250 hours of coverage for Sprint customers with this new agreement, and it instantly puts Sprint ahead of the competition when it comes to delivering sports content on the go.

We can't help but hope that this deal comes to other cell operators as well, but we get the feeling that Sprint shelled out for exclusive rights, at least for awhile. Is this enough to get you to think about switching at the end of your current contract, or is that ESPN app good enough for you?

Programming and live events through April include:
  • 23 Live Men’s NCAA Basketball Games (including Conference Championship games)
  • 19 Live Women’s NCAA Basketball Championship Games
  • 9 NBA Playoff Games
  • 15 Regular Season NBA Games
  • 30 Live NBA Fastbreak Shows
  • 10 Regular Season MLB Games
  • 50 Live Baseball Tonight Studio Shows
  • 3 College Football Spring games
  • 3 Live Friday Night Fights
  • 3 Live NCAA Hockey Championship Games
  • 5 Live MLS Matches

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>Is this enough to get you to think about switching at the end of your current contract?


Sprint doesn't have any better coverage (in the places I use a cell phone the most) than my current carrier, T-Mobile, and they have way worse customer service-- almost down to Verizon level.

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hmm for the sports nut's maybe. I have actually thought about trying them out, but am sticking with Verizon for now. I have been with them for 9 years now, before them I had T-Mobile who left an invalid debt (one of there no contract contracts), from when I decided after a week and a half (and paying a big upfront deposit for it), and 150 dollars more for an early cut off. They still refused to remove it from my credit, and left it there for years (7 total I believe), even though I had the original contract a copy of the check for the original deposit, and the money order for the 150 early cut off fee.

So as far as there customer service now I don't know. As for them performing totally illegal acts because I canceled service on a no contract (yeah right) contract. Verizon has never taken 450 dollars from me, and has provided me with great customer service, as well as a connection that's always there (even on a flight from Atlanta to Portland Oregon in which I lost service in the plane for 15 minutes, while in the air) when I need it.

They have also been my only phone provider for 2.5 years now. The Sprint plan is cheaper though, and 4G is supposedly available here. Maybe I will switch to them when they actually have a 4G phone to go with that service. Right now I have a family share plan with 4 users on it on Verizon, we don't all live together, but none of us ever loose service.

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