Digital Storm Announces New Cryo-TEC Cooling System

Digital Storm has a new cooling system out; built largely on its Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled system, it’s called Cryo-TEC Cooling.

With the new system, the company expanded on the technology it used with the Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled system in a few ways. First, the whole package is smaller. Second, it’s a lot cheaper--up to $500 less than the Sub-Zero system. Third, the new system uses direct contact heat dissipation technology, which essentially puts the thermo-electric cold plate directly on the CPU.

Although gamers, builders, and modders will no doubt enjoy what Cryo-TEC Cooling has to offer, the product will also be used in Digital Storm’s PROTUS V workstations.

Digital Storm Empowers Supreme Processor Performance with Cryo-TEC Cooling System in Gaming Computers
Direct contact heat dissipation technology & streamlined design create a sub-zero cooling solution that maximizes performance

Fremont, Calif. – (August 25, 2011) – Digital Storm, the predominant name in computer system integration and engineering, proudly debuts its latest innovation in the quest to design the most superior PC on the planet: the Cryo-TEC Cooling System. Based on the Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled system developed by Digital Storm that chills liquid below 0°C, this redesigned version is smaller, more powerful and utilizes direct contact heat dissipation technology.

Cryo-TEC System
The new and improved Cryo-TEC cooling system from Digital Storm is a radical leap forward in cooling technology. The Cryo-TEC system utilizes the same thermo-electric technology as Digital Storm’s previous generation Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled system; however, the Cryo-TEC cooler now incorporates new direct contact heat dissipation technology. By placing the processor in direct contact with the thermo-electric cold plate, the Cryo-TEC system is more efficient in lowering processor temperatures below 0°C and increasing overclocking performance. The Cryo-TEC cooling system also includes a control board designed by Digital Storm engineers that automatically optimizes cooling power and efficiency.

Integration & Affordability
The design of the new Cryo-TEC cooling system is elegantly simple allowing for installation in almost any customizable full tower Digital Storm computer. Also, improved design efficiencies realized on this next generation cooling system allows Digital Storm customers to integrate this powerful component into their dream systems for $500 less than the Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled system. This means that even hardcore gamers can enjoy the supercharged performance that was only previously available to enthusiasts. But the Cryo-TEC is not just for gamers and enthusiasts; with its availability on Digital Storm’s new and upcoming PROTUS V line of workstations, creative professionals can take advantage of the Cryo-TEC’s revolutionary performance to ensure that heavy processing tasks don’t overheat and damage their CPU.
“With its brilliant simple design and complete compatibility, the Cryo-TEC system represents the next technological leap in processor cooling systems,” commented Rajeev Kuruppu, Digital Storm’s Director of Product Development. “It out-classes and out-performs standard liquid cooling systems with its incredible design and it can only be found exclusively at Digital Storm.”

Digital Storm gaming computers with the Cryo-TEC Cooling System are available for purchase at
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OptimusPrimeTime 3 years ago

"This is going to sell like crazy when the Sandy Bridge E Chips comes, and Bulldozer. This was putting -14°C temps on the CPU cores, on a six-core 990X running at 4.6GHz.. Note off course that it will only be available and installed on Digital Storm PCs"

watwoodgeesesdo 3 years ago

That is not loaded though. Load temps are what matter

acarzt 3 years ago

"That is not loaded though. Load temps are what matter"

lol... Seriously?? It's at -14 degress and that's what you say?

When have you ever seen anything else idle that low? even with 100% load i'm sure the temps are well below the idle of 95% of everything else out there!

AKwyn 3 years ago

[quote user="acarzt"]When have you ever seen anything else idle that low?[/quote]

Phase change cooling, which arguably provides the lowest idle temperatures and the lowest load temperatures. Although it does cost a fortune if you want to buy it though.

watwoodgeesesdo 3 years ago

You can make a machine idle at -60C no problem but again idle temps do not matter. What matters is the load temperature. Who cares if it idles at -15C but how well does it hold a load?

BMAN 3 years ago

With the number of companies getting into the liquid cooling biz these days (some water cooling kits can be had for just over $100 CAD-e.g. XSPC Rasa Kits); perhaps Digital Storm should market these as a "stand-alone" product, and join the others out there.

This would definitely give manufacturers of water cooling products (XSPC, Danger Den, EKWB, Swiftech, etc.) a run for their money...more competition is always a good thing

jonation 3 years ago

i was really hoping they would release kits of these.

JWashington 3 years ago

I was sadly hoping the same thing. Shame they are keeping it all to themselves and forcing you to buy a whole rig when all I want is the cooling system. Anyone know of any products out there comparable to this performance??? I want to jump into liquid cooling to see what I can OC to.

eunoia 3 years ago


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