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DiamonDisc DVD Will Keep 4.7GB Alive For 1000 Years

DiamonDisc DVD Will Keep 4.7GB Alive For 1000 Years

One thing is for sure in the world of optical storage: "big enough" is never really "big enough." Back in the day, a typical CD-R was plenty to archive a year's worth of images, and now even a single-layer DVD-R is too small for some. Blu-ray Discs can already hold 50GB of data, but that's not stopping disc manufacturers from striving to cram even more bits onto those round platters.

Earlier this year, we heard that TDK was working hard on creating a special Blu-ray Disc that could hold 320GB of data, and while that's probably a few years out at best, another company is looking at this whole lust for storage from a different angle. Cranberry's DiamonDisc is a product that's available now, and while it'll only hold 4.7GB worth of data (the same as a traditional DVD-R), it'll hold that data for far longer than most of the cheap-o discs you've got sitting around.

According to the company, these DiamonDiscs will last up to 1,000 years without degrading. Granted, it's hard to say if DVD drives will even be around in 100 years, but if you can somehow get your great, great, great, great grandchild one, there's a decent shot that he or she will be able to view your paltry 12MP photos in the year 3001. The discs are designed to operate in most traditional DVD players/burners, and they cost $34.95 if you buy them individually. You can get a better price if you choose to buy in bulk, but you'll still be paying a pretty penny.

The secret to the disc's ability to hold data for so long is that it has no adhesive layers, dye layer or reflective layer to deteriorate - thereby avoiding the "data rot" that quickly corrodes all recordable DVDs. The transparent Cranberry DiamonDisc can withstand prolonged temperatures extending up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit as well as UV rays that would destroy conventional DVD disks.

Beyond its obvious appeal to those wishing to permanently preserve irreplaceable family memories, Cranberry DiamonDisc technology is a long-overdue solution for professionals, companies, non-profits and government offices that require reliable digital archiving. In addition to offering the Cranberry DiamonDisc 1,000-Year Data Storage Solution on a diamond-hard physical disk, Cranberry DiamonDisc also makes available a replacement program should the physical disk ever be lost.

For full details about the revolutionary technology behind the Cranberry DiamonDisc™ and easy ordering instructions, visit the company's web site at www.cranberry.com.

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It seems that anybody that comes up with anything new these days charges a small fortune for their new thing. I think of it as the 'Brand New Gouge' and it's everywhere. Remember when CD burners first came into existence? HP made them, called them the HP4020i and they were the first commercially available CD burner for less than $1,000.00. A penny less,......A CD Blank was sold for $10.00 apiece and the device made more coasters than anything else. What a huge, baldfaced ripoff they were! The gouge was on and the rest is history,..............Angry

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That's true, and that's why I'm not an early adopter. It's only now that I've bought an Ipod Touch and even that was for a gift for someone else, it's third generation.

This DVD seems entirely impractical. 4.7GB is a huge amount of today even for today, but the cost to buy and keep these around will be prohibitive. As larger and faster forms of data transfer become available, the only thing useful for these discs will be time capsules.

Longevity notions debunked, the more interesting thing about this product is its resistance to heat and UV rays. But might as well buy yourself an Iosafe drive.

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