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Dell's Vostro 430 Desktop Gets Core i5/i7 And $699 Starting Tag

Dell's Vostro 430 Desktop Gets Core i5/i7 And $699 Starting Tag

By and large, Dell's Vostro range is still largely unappreciated and under the radar. The Latitude line seems to get way more attention in business uses, and the Inspiron line gets way more love from consumers. And of course, the XPS/Alienware line gets all the attention from gamers. The Vostro line, however, still stands out as offering a real value to consumers who just need a basic machine to handle basic tasks. If that's you, and you're scouting a new tower, the Vostro 430 might be "the one."

Granted, we're not entirely sure we'd agree with Dell's assertion that the Vostro 430 is "future proof"--we wouldn't even call a $4000 Alienware "future proof"--but it is powerful enough to handle Windows 7 and shouldn't break the bank along the way. In an unusual move for Dell, it has decided to equip the Vostro 430 with a Core i5 or Core i7 processor, dedicated GPU options from NVIDIA/ATI, up to 16GB of DDR3 SDRAM and up to 1TB of extra storage. It's available to customize and order today starting at $699, and while it probably won't play Crysis at its maximum resolution, it'll more than handle those pesky Spreadsheets and the occasional gaming spree.

Vostro 430: Expandability, Productivity and Connectivity

  • Expandability options with the ability to add memory, PCI/PCIe cards and HDD, future-proofing IT investment;
  • Increased internal storage capacity with one terabyte hard drives offering up to 2 terabytes of internal storage;
  • Dual-display capability, and more expandability and flexibility with 10 external USB ports and four total PCI/PCIe expansion slots for more network, sound or graphics cards.
  • Optional Blu-Ray DiskTM drives for data storage and video playback;
  • PS/2 and serial ports to enable use of older devices; and
  • Dell 19-in-1 Media Card Reader (Optional)
  • IEEE 1394a (Optional)

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These are respectable specs. One could do a graphics upgrade and have a decent game player for a good price if you didn't like the prospect of building your own computer.

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>> "future proof"

Hehe - good call on the skepticism. With all manner of new processing+GPU architectures, USB3, etc. on the way, this will be just as obsolete as everything else in four years.

Still... I checked out Dell's site and they don't look half bad for the money. Unfortunately, they don't offer a FreeDOS version for $24 cheaper, like they do with the 420.

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Good points 3vi1.

We seem to be at one of those turning points in computer tech, where all standard techs will be out of date soon.

USB 3's, SSD, OLED's, BluRay, Nvidia's new GPU, etc.

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"this will be just as obsolete as everything else in four years"

Everything is obsolete after four years anyway! LOL!

They're starting to grow hair after just two years.

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Eh, very true. But usually most technologies' releases don't coincide with each other.

SSD still have at least another year before they become cheap enough to be affordable to the mainstream audience.

OLEDs, maybe several years.

Blu Rays, getting cheaper, hopefully next year we'll see some great sub $100 players.

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>> Everything is obsolete after four years anyway! LOL!

Hehe... I never said anything different. :)

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Dear HotHardware News,

As a Dell executive with responsibility for the Dell Vostro product portfolio and brand, I wanted to thank you for your post and respond specifically to some of your comments. The Vostro 430 does offer great value to small businesses, but not just because of its price. It is the latest addition to the Vostro line, which we design, build and service for the specific needs of small businesses around the world. Like other Vostro products, the 430 includes a host of features that help small businesses stay productive including video conferencing, dual display capability for multi-tasking and small business services & tech support.


As you mentioned, the Dell Inspiron and Latitude product lines are targeted at different segments of the market, and provide features that the consumer and enterprise user value respectively. I also wanted to draw your attention to some of the announcements specific to the Vostro line that Dell has made over the last six months. In addition to the Vostro 430 launched on October 1, there has been a steady, and well received, cadence of news around the Vostro line, including:

·         The Ultraportable Vostro 1220 (the No Compromise Ultraportable)

·         The Vostro All In One (the first All In One exclusively for small business),

·         The Vostro 1014/1015/1088 (which redefines the entry level for our Vostro line)

I am sure that you will see, in each one of these announcements, how Dell is providing small businesses with a host of features that they want and value.


Thank you also for your interest in Dell and the Vostro line, and for pointing out some of the differences between Vostro and our other brands. I am sure it will help those unfamiliar with our products understand that there are different choices available, and that the correct choice hinges upon the unique needs of each individual user. 



Kirk Schell

Director, Vostro Product Marketing


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I'm the owner of the same notebook. From the first month of ownership, I installed Ubuntu as a parallel OS in order to have a backup OS to work with, plus the benefits of having a backup system when Vista won't work anymore! No problem with Dell Vostro 3300 drivers. Every device works just fine!!

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