Dell To Enter The Ultra-Portable Fray

Yesterday news regarding the availability of HP's ultra portable Mini-Note PC broke and generated some buzz.  But ever since ASUS first unveiled the EeePC other players like Everex, Acer, and ECS, among others, have all announced or introduced similar, relatively low priced, portable solutions.  And according to a story posted on CNN Money via Dow Jones, Dell will be next to enter the fray.

Dell Inc. (DELL) plans to launch low-cost notebook computers made by Compal Electronics Inc.(2324.TW) as early as June, a Compal official said Wednesday.  Compal will initially ship 200,000-300,000 notebook computers to Dell each month, said the official, who declined to be named.

Compal Electronics, the world's second-largest contract manufacturer of notebook computers by revenue after Quanta Computer Inc. (2382.TW), aims to ship 1 million to 2 million low-cost notebook computers to Dell in 2008, the official added.  Dell, the world's second-largest computer vendor by unit sales after Hewlett- Packard Co., will consider increasing its shipments of the low-cost laptops depending on demand in 2008, he said.

With Dell, HP, Acer, and Asus in the mix, and Intel and Via launching new, low-power mobile processors in the not too distant future, you can bet the ultra mobile market is about to really heat up.
Via:  CNN Money
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Crisis Causer 6 years ago

Kick ass.  Competition all the way!  I'm very interesting in getting a good performing Ultra Portable for around the $300 mark.  This could very well be possible by years end.  Excellent. 

willardcw4 6 years ago

i give it til the end of the year until the technology is developed to the point where I could play the type of games and applications I want to run (assuming I would).. but ya:

[quote user="Crisis Causer"] Competition all the way![/quote]

I definately agree... more competition = lowe prices and potentially more developed products

ajayd 6 years ago
With HP's recent announcement of their foray into the ultra portable market, it was only inevitable that Dell would follow suit. Technology is finally beginning to allow for inexpensive ultra portables that are powerful enough to serve a purpose. I think things are really going to take off from here. We should see some impressive steps forward in the capabilities of ultra portables with the help of emerging OLED technology, ever shrinking die sizes and the resulting reduced power demands of processors.
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