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Cyber Snipa Reveals Sonar 5.1 Championship Headset

Cyber Snipa Reveals Sonar 5.1 Championship Headset

The competition has most certainly heated up over the years in the headphone space, and while Turtle Beach and Logitech (among others) still maintain a high profile, smaller companies are swooping in and grabbing their own slice of attention. Cyber Snipa is one of those companies, with a clever name and a pretty impressive product. The Sonar 5.1 Championship Headset offers a nice, collapsible design, with four speakers in each ear cup and independent channel control via in-line controller.

There's also a unique foam padding for added comfort, not to mention a noise-cancelling boom mic. It ships with a padded carrying case, and features of the headset include eight individual drivers to true multi-directional audio response, a 3m USB cable and a really reasonable price compared to much of the competition: $79.95. It should be on sale throughout North America this month.

Cyber Snipa Introduces the Sonar 5.1 Championship Gaming Headset

Intensely realistic, true 5.1 surround sound provides the ultimate competitive edge

Cyber Snipa Championship 5.1

Palm Beach, Fla.-March 10, 2011-Leading PC gaming peripheral maker Cyber Snipa today announced the Sonar 5.1 Championship Headset, the latest entry in its award-winning line of specialized high-end headsets. Incorporating the newest developments in cutting-edge sound technology and true 5.1 surround sound, Cyber Snipa Sonar headphones allow players to experience superlative tactical communications and tracking ability for the ultimate competitive edge.

Building on the success of their popular line, the new Sonar 5.1 Championship edition sets a new standard for gaming headsets. With four speakers in each ear cup and independent channel control via in-line controller, players experience intensely realistic surround sound. Stalk enemies by the sound of their footsteps with 3D positional audio and tactical bass sensations. Cyber Snipa has also introduced exclusive memory foam padding for ultimate comfort in marathon gaming sessions. A noise-cancelling boom mic ensures crystal-clear online chat whether your playing in the comfort of your own home, or traveling to LAN parties and competitions using the included padded carrying case.
Features of the Sonar 5.1 Championship Headset include:

·         8 individual drivers to true multi-directional audio response
·         Robust headband construction with mesh padding for improved airflow
·         Circumaural memory foam and velour cushions for extended gaming comfort
·         Extra long flexible boom mic with noise cancelling
·         3 m USB cable with in-line multimedia control
·         3D positional audio software

The Cyber Snipa 5.1 Championship Headset is expected to be available at retailers throughout North America this month for a suggested retail price of $79.95.  
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As far as headphones go we just got a pair of SONY MDR-V6's with some Beyerdynamic replacement ear pad's. The ear pads are much more comfortable than the sock units, and we have some replacement's if needed (although the replacements we got are supposed to be much more durable, and I know there more comfortable), the stock ones are not horrendous the sound dynamic, comfort, durability and overall goodness of these headphones is not of course unsurpassed, but you would have to spend some real dollar's to do it.

So anyone looking for some great headphone units I will definitely recommend them. I also know they are widely used professionally as studio monitors, and are actually about the same price as these on review (with the replacement ear pads I think they were $10.00 cheaper with shipping combined) . You cannot go wrong on them.

They fold like the ones shown, but the folding mechanism as well as the hardware on them is way better. The Neodymium magnets in the headphone speaker drivers are better with a much better response range than anything I have seen under $250-500, the sound is very accurate (in game and music you can discern direction, and depth of instrument or nature of sound easily). Check out both (where I got the Beyerdynamics), and I think I got the headphones on Amazon for an unbelievable price. The headphones of course are available at many places so the dynamic of ordering on that changes with the price level.

There are two model's from Sony which look almost the same, and are also named very similarly as well. So if these interest you make sure you get "SONY MDR-V6" and not MDR-V600. I am not writing this to debunk the reviewed units here. I am writing it more for a community information reference. But do not have a Microphone. So if solo listening or gaming/interaction is your aim here the Sony's have no Mic, but provide well above level (they (MDR-V6's) are often used professionally) sound at a good price. If you do however want or need an attached microphone, and clip on is not your thing these look nice.

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Oh and by the way on my last post with the link to Sweetwater, I must really commend them on there customer service. This is not some I get a discount, get paid, or anything else if I post this post thing here.

I made my order, in the AM the next day a Supervisor/Owner called me to apologize because the items I had ordered were sold out when they went to fill the order the next morning. He told me it would be handled ASAP, rushed the receivables incoming to Sweetwater, and then sent them to me over night. So I actually got the items a day before I was supposed to. That is the way to serve a customer, and Sweetwater should be commended for it very highly in my book.

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