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Bosch Brings Wireless Charging To The Electric Vehicle Realm

Bosch Brings Wireless Charging To The Electric Vehicle Realm

Wireless power isn't really a reality even in the consumer world, but already we're seeing wireless options crop up for the precious few who own electric vehicles. Bosch is amongst the first, announcing the first commercially available wireless electric vehicle charging system in U.S. The company has teamed with Evatran Group to offer the $3000 Plugless Level 2 EV Charging System, alongside financing options for all offered electric vehicle charging stations and their installation.

Bosch will provide the complete installation solution for the Plugless L2 System. A Bosch-certified electrician will install the home infrastructure portion of the system, and Bosch Car Service centers will install the on-vehicle components. Bosch will coordinate the entire process and provide post-installation support as needed.

"We are thrilled to launch the first wireless charging system," said Rebecca Hough, CEO and co-founder of Evatran, "Plugless L2 gives EV drivers a more convenient, reliable charging option. Working with Bosch's existing network of certified electricians and 1,300+ Bosch Car Service centers across the U.S., combined with their industry-leading financing options, we're bringing a game-changing charging solution to the EV market."

The Plugless L2 System offers hands-free, automatic EV charging. Vehicle owners simply drive over the system's floor-mounted Parking Pad and their vehicle begins charging.

The Plugless Level 2 EV Charging System includes the following components:
  • Vehicle Adapter: Installed on the undercarriage of the user's EV
  • Control Panel: A wall-mounted enclosure that provides alignment guidance and diagnostic information, in addition to traditional charging station functions
  • Parking Pad: A floor-mounted wireless charging transmitter

Bosch offers professional guidance for customers purchasing the Plugless L2 or other corded EV charging stations. Trained Vehicle Charging Advisors walk customers through a free on-site estimate, installation and inspection, and provide ongoing support including finding money-saving rebates offered by utility companies, government or vehicle manufacturers. Bosch installation services include a 3-year limited product warranty, all permitting and even filing rebate paperwork for a vehicle owner.

Ready to get your hands on one? Orders are open now, with shipments expected to begin in July.
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I don't have an electric car, but I do live in Canada where in the winter time we need to plug our cars in (block heater) so that they'll start in the morning. It's a pain in the butt and there are many days when you see some car dragging an extension cord down the road because the owner forgot to unplug it. So yeah, I like it.

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I read this article last week with some people arguing it is too expensive but I don't think so 3k is not a lot of money for ease of use and convenience and it can be used with multiple cars or as you upgrade to knew electric vehicles. I imagine the resale value will always be there since anyone would want one of these at a discount. However they really should have supported the Tesla Model S first as those customers can more easily afford this charger.

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