Bluebox Avionics Reveals World's First iPad In-Flight Entertainment System

Apple's iPad is the talk of the tech world. Regardless of your feelings on the matter, and whether or not you think leaving Flash support out was a smart move, Steve Jobs and Company have managed to re-capture the attention of the public in a way that hasn't happened since the days of the original iPhone. Everyone is captivated, and everyone is looking to take advantage. Including a company that you've probably never heard of before: Bluebox Avionics.

This company has leaped into the mainstream by making one of the smartest choices ever: integrating the world's most-talked-about Tablet PC into their next in-flight entertainment solution. Bluebox is a company that helps create and implement the in-flight entertainment solutions you see on long-haul flights, and the Bluebox Ai solution involves the iPad. It's a brilliant marketing tool, even if the idea really never takes off.

Basically, they're introducing the "world's first iPad in-flight entertainment system," saying that it's coming "sooner than you think." Details beyond that are hard to come by (the mystery builds the buzz, you know), but the only thing we can think of is that Bluebox-equipped flights will actually be handing out iPad devices to those who fly, and they can they select programming to watch or tune into various audio streams. But giving patrons a device to hold seems like a terrible idea. What if they drop it? What if they lose it? Do children get one? What if someone jailbreaks the thing onboard? What if someone "forgets" to return one? There are simply too many terrible scenarios for us to count, but we aren't counting these guys out until we've heard every detail on implementation.

One thing is for sure: we would be a lot more likely to give a certain airline a second look if we knew we could have a loaner iPad on-board for the entire flight. And if they coupled that with in-flight Wi-Fi, we'd pretty much be sold. We're suckers like that.
983 4 years ago

If you had flown on a low-cost airline in the last few years, you would know they already hand out personal video players on-board for a fee instead of using seat embedded players.

This is common practice, and an iPad would be much cheaper hardware than the custom players they use now.

Great idea. The iPad also has a much larger, much higher quality screen.

realneil 4 years ago

Get them for a fee in flight, and have to return them prior to landing is how they'll do it. So 'forgetting to return' one of them will not be an option.

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